NuVet Labs® Testimonials

"This product has been such a relief!"

I just want to say that this product has been such a relief! My chihuahua began having some ... itching... a couple of years ago... I figured... I would have to start her on some expensive medications with some serious side effects. I tried a few recommended supplements, medicated shampoos, coconut oil, oatmeal baths, nothing was working. 

I stumbled on this product and I don't know why, but after reading some reviews, I decided to try it. Well, after only about a week or so, her skin cleared up amazingly and she started having so much more energy. I am almost finished with the first bottle of 90 wafers and I have already set up an auto shipment because this is working!* 
Terri Silipo

"Believe so strongly in NuVet Plus"

Several years ago a friend of mine told me about NuVet Plus and what it had done for her dogs. She summed it up by saying, "I wish I could take it myself."

Frankly, I didn't believe my dogs needed anything.  I thought they were fine, however, after a relatively brief time on NuVet Plus, I saw an increased vigor and also an obvious sharpness in their health. Then I considered the things I wasn't seeing, such as improved systemic functions as well as an immune strengthening... I could go on and on detailing specifics of why I believe so strongly in NuVet Plus --------instead, like my friend, I'll just offer a simple country quip of my own. 

I tell my wife we'll do without groceries before we run out of NuVet Plus for the dogs!*
Greg Evans

"Trotting to the door"

We had been putting off the recommendation from our vet to put our 13 year old Australian Shepherd to sleep when a woman saw him (bless her!) and gave us one weeks supply of NuVet Plus vitamins…When I off -handedly offered him one, to my surprise he - my finicky won't eat anything dog - actually munched it down! With that accomplishment we continued our weekly "snacks" more for the - wow he actually ate them - then for whatever good they'd do. 

The biggest change, and possibly the most important one, was Yoda's attitude. Suddenly his ears would lift when someone came to the door. He had always taken his "guard dog duties" very seriously but when it became too painful to get up anymore he became detached almost like he felt he was letting us down. Now, although it was a small step, he had our full attention. To our amazement by the end of the week he was barking again and actually "trotting" to the door when someone came! He was trying to play again and was most definitely happier. We couldn't order more vitamins faster and added the Hip and Joint…to his daily "snacks". Yoda's hip had been injured when he was 4 (he hopped on 3 legs for almost a year)… Now after 2 1/2 months taking NuVet I am happy to say…Thank you NuVet!*

Yoda's family

"An over-all happier dog!"

FYI... I have NEVER written to a company to tell them how GREAT their product is. I HAVE written to a company to tell them how BAD their product is. This is a first.

…Bear has been on the NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus since the beginning of this year (a little over 2 months).  He had an appointment yesterday with the vet and my vet cannot believe how much BETTER Bear is at getting around, not dragging his hind legs as much, and just an over-all happier dog!  Even his fur is softer - and this was an area that I didn't think need improvement!

I wanted to say "THANK YOU" for giving me a tool to assist my older GSD in continuing with a high quality of life. I do believe that these two products have, and will, continue to keep Baron as happy and healthy as possible in his golden years.*

Monica S.
Aka, Mom~O~Bear

"Healthy report from the vet"

My Winston is a British Shorthair, when I picked him up from the breeder he was 12 weeks old. It was suggested to me that I continue with NuVet Plus, which I have. Winston loves the vitamins, once he is done eating his canned food he goes to his dry food and licks off the vitamins.

British Shorthair cats have lots of hair yet he never throws up hair balls-this must have something to do with the vitamins because I think that’s somewhat unusual. Winston always gets a very healthy report from the vet, including teeth. Winston is 4 now and I plan on continuing the NuVet Plus for the rest of his life. I recommend it to all my friends who have cats as well.*

Laura Whiteis

"Weight & General Health"

I felt that I must share with you the story about my 11 year old cat. Dinky was always a big guy and weighed about 19 pounds all his life. His weight started to dramatically drop to where his bones were showing. The vet was not sure why his general health was suffering and he would not even give him his annual shots due to his dehydrated and weak condition. He told me he wouldn’t last more than one week.

I was fortunate in coming in contact with NuVet Plus. I started giving it to Dinky and he just started to fill out and come back to life. In 30 days he had gone from 8 pounds to 12.4 pounds. He’s since had his shots and he looks wonderful. Everyone is so amazed. This product is absolutely phenomenal, we were ready to put him to sleep and I am so pleased we hesitated that night and gave him extra time because he had just started to take the NuVet Plus.

It has been over 8 months now and Dinky is still lively and vigorous. Everyone I know is using NuVet Plus with their dogs and cats and I am thankful to NuVet Labs for discovering such a wonderful supplement.*

Anne P.

"Nuvet is great!"

Hello NuVet Labs, Our dogs are our children.  We have English Springers and Cocker Spaniels.  In the beginning of the spring one of our cockers, Snickers… went to the vet and he had given us some eye ointments to alleviate the dryness…

Never giving up on any of my kids and often turning to holistic practices when the vet says "Nothing can be done" I searched around for some "natural" help for Snickers.  I stumbled on your site by accident and figured why not. 

I ordered the NuVet supplements and by week 3 of a "double dose"…  He also went and grabbed his ball out of his dish for the first time last week, something he hasn't done for a few months... These are great!  

All my kids are going to be taking these for a lifetime!  Thank you! And Snickers thanks you!!*

Paula Jais

"Tuned into the world again"

I read the other testimonials and I was very skeptical. You probably will be, too. But, my Foxie is 15… I figured, with the guarantee, what did I have to lose? My husband is a self-proclaimed skeptic and had no expectations. 

Well, Foxie has been on NuVet Plus for almost 2 months and the changes to her health and well-being are remarkable and undeniable, even for my skeptical husband. We had recently moved to a new home which can be a hard transition for even a young dog, but she took it in stride. ...She lived in sort of a bubble, shut out from the world. You could not approach her or wake her without her being startled. She was barely interacting with us and not playing. It was this lack of quality of life that prompted me to order NuVet Plus.

Well, we have received more improvement than we could ever hope for! 

…She's lost 5 pounds which she needed to lose. Now when she goes for walks, she trots the whole way, pulling me along, when we used to have to kind of drag her towards the end before. She plays, is extremely active in the morning and in general she is becoming tuned into the world again. I'm realistic that Foxie is not immortal - !

I wish she was! But, I'm so happy that we can make this last chapter of her life so much better and maybe put off the end a bit longer. I have recommended NuVet Plus to many people. I hope they follow through. Thank you, NuVet Plus.*

Linda Christensen

"Gone back in time!"

My girlfriend found this for me and I cannot get over how my 12-year old Chow has gone back in time! The ads for this product couldn't be more true---which is really refreshing these days! My dog looks and acts like she did 10 years ago, her coat is incredibly soft and healthy (she even lost her gray hair with this product!), the whites of her eyes are super-white. To top this off, she's running around like she's a puppy again, playing and responding.

This is all just as we thought we might have to put her down because she was limping badly, her hip was out of whack, and she had a hard time standing up and laying down…

Thank You, NuVet!*
Shawna Newton

"Now able to go up stairs"

I have an 18 year old beagle, Reagle Beagle, who has been on NuVet for the last 2 years…. 

Within a week of being on NuVet Labs (both NuVet and NuJoint) he seemed to revert back to when he was a ten year old dog!  He is now able to go up stairs and go for walks, even jumping up and down the curbs!      

... We have stopped all of the non-natural products and only give him the NuVet and NuJoint, along with a healthy diet of chicken and his dry dog food.  What an amazing product!*

Rachelle DiVitto

"Little guy is now running around again"

What a great product. I am amazed at how your NuVet Plus wafers have helped my Lily. She's going on 7 years of age, and about a year ago started to limp every morning when she got up. As a matter of fact, it took her some time to get moving. It broke my heart to see her so uncomfortable. 

…After giving him the NuVet Plus for a few weeks she could not believe the difference. I saw it for myself. I work in a greenhouse and we ask our customers to bring in their pets. This little guy is now running around like a young dog rather than one that's 13 years old. 

My little girl has no problem getting up in the morning, and doesn't limp at all anymore. I highly recommend your product to anyone that has pets. I can't thank you enough.*

Rose Brancatto

"No longer shedding!"

I have to tell you that I am normally a skeptic and would not have guessed that a supplement could do such wonders so quickly for my 7-year-old Boston Terrier B.B.! We had just added to our family a little red and white Boston Terrier puppy named Bosco, who was on NuVet from the breeder. She claimed that it would boost his immune system and would give him a great start in life. I agreed to keep Bosco on NuVet for his first year and certainly was going to share with big brother B.B.!

Within a week, tired and dull-coated B.B. was bouncing around the house and suddenly had a young and shiny coat of fur. After three weeks, my husband commented that B.B. was no longer shedding! I mean there was NO SHEDDING at all and here it was Spring- the worst time for shedding...

Now if B.B.'s grey in his fur continues to disappear, I will let you know because that will truly mean he is getting younger! Yes...the grey fur (which he has had for several years) is disappearing too! Don't we all want our dogs to stay young? Thank you for a great product.*

Susan Werby

"Coat became shiny and softer"

I have 3 dogs and they all enjoy the benefits of NuVet Plus. I learned of all the great things about NuVet Plus from the breeder I got my dog Holly Collie from. I thought that if they could do such great things for my puppy that I should also give them to my Puggle (Odie) and my Boston Terrier (Ruby).

Holly was taking NuVet before she was even born because her parents were both on NuVet Plus. It has helped Holly grow into a beautiful dog and she has a great coat. 

The dogs absolutely love taking them and they are part of their daily routine. I know that there are many other great benefits of NuVet Plus that are going on inside my dogs and that is why they are so healthy. I know that as my dogs get older, I can count on NuVet Plus to help keep them healthy and happy.

My Dog Odie wants to be the Poster Pup for NuVet Labs!!! I know they are great for him and all he knows is that they are yummy treats!! It's totally a win win!!!*

Ronaele Salisbury

"See the difference?"

The day I was adopted I wasn't a NuVet dog, but I am now! See the difference?

I still take a NuVet Plus and NuJoint tab EVERY DAY so I can look AND feel great!*

~ Moose, A NuVet Dog since April 2011

"Spinning donuts in the yard"

I have been using your products almost two years now. I started using them after returning from a 3 month stay out of state. When I got home I noticed that my dog struggled to get up and she had a hard time walking. My groomer told me about NuJoint so I started her on them right away. About 2 months later I added NuVet Plus. 

I am happy to say she is back to her old self, even spinning donuts in the yard from time to time like she did when I rescued her from the county shelter 10 years ago. I feed these to Harri every morning. I put them in her bowl with her kibble and chicken jerky. Her pills are always the first thing she eats, then the jerky. 

Harri and I will forever be grateful for your products. Thank you.*

Shirley Greeley

"Knew this was a product I had to try"

This is my furry family of five and I love them so much!

When I discovered NuVet 3 years ago, I knew this was a product I had to try. They have been on it since 2007 and they still enjoy the wafer as if they never received one the morning before…it makes me laugh when they are begging to have their delicious supplement...

I just wanted to write to tell you how much I appreciate your products and to keep up the great work.  Thank you for developing such a great product so my babies are happy and healthy. They are probably going to be on NuVet for life.

As a pet stylist I try to spread the word and I’ll keep trying so that other pets can benefit from NuVet!!*
Sachie Yakuwa

"Not displayed any signs of..."

NuVet Plus daily supplements are truly amazing products... Our French Bull Dog puppy Bella is now 9 months old and has been on the NuVet Plus since she was just 3 months old and she is healthy and has not displayed any signs of… health issues while on the supplement. 

Her fur is super soft and her skin, nails, eyes and teeth and digestive system appear very healthy...*

Mette W.

"Love the Nu-Vet Plus"

My two 3-year-old French Bulldogs, Benny & Lily, love the Nu-Vet Plus vitamins. They are active and healthy. I would highly recommend the product to everyone.*

Andrea C.

"I love it on all my collies."

I have use NuVet now for 2 years, and I have seen good things… I have seen my female with good milk, and always able to care for puppies, and the puppies are born fat and ready to go… The puppies grow fast and healthy. I start to mix the powder NuVet in the baby’s food as soon as they can eat, and the babies are happy, and always with good health from the vets. I love it on all my collies.*

Margot Bell

"Strong with lots of energy"

I have been ordering NuVet since I brought Cooper home from my breeder, Nancy Knapp at the age of 9 weeks. He is just shy of 2 1/2 years now and he is strong with lots of energy (sometimes too I give it to him in the morning after his breakfast and he won't move until he gets it :) He loves it! 

So far he has been very healthy and I plan on giving it to him for the rest of his life. I'm so glad Nancy told me about you because I am a firm believer...

Thank you for being there.*
Kathi and Cooper Sanger

"Key to his fantastic health!"

My testimonial isn’t because NuVet tabs solved various problems in my English bulldog:  my testimonial is that my English bulldog Percy has NEVER had a problem because he has been on NuVet tabs and joint supplements since he was 2 months old! 

Any owner of a bulldog will know how impressive this is! 
 Bulldogs are plagued with many many health problems….you name it, a bulldog will have it!  Percy is almost 2 years old,, his NuVet supplements, i believe, are the key to his fantastic health! (along with fantastic nutrition.)   

I have never missed a dose and I never will!*

Amy Knudson

"Recommend them for any pet lover"

We have an eight year old Maltese named Mollie.  Our son recommended NuVet Plus to us about 2 years ago and we ordered your 30 day trial bottle.  By the end of the 30 day period, we could tell a significant difference in her every day activity.  She played more often and for longer periods of time and seemed to feel better. 

We have given them to her for the two years since and would recommend them for any pet lover.*

William & Jewel Ford Mollie, too!!!

"Adding to better health in my dog"

Dear Staff at NuVet Labs,

I have included a current picture of my dog, Vivica. Vivica is 12 years old. I adopted Vivica as a puppy, 3 months of age and I have been blessed with such an energetic and happy dog, I hated to see her age and slow down.

Thanks to your Products: NuVet Plus and NuJoint DS, she has the desire to be active and…she is willing to go for walks on her leash and likes to have play time in the yard. I thank you for these products and I know they are adding to better health in my dog.*

Terry Donmoyer

"Behaves like a 4 year old"

Just want to say Thank You for helping our 14&1/2 year old English Setter. In just a few months of giving Sir Winston the NuVet Plus product, we have seen a great improvement in his posture and overall behavior. He has more energy and sometimes behaves like a 4 year old. He is very important to us and we are grateful…*

Jo-Ann Virga, Sir Winston's Mom

"Full of pep and bounce"

About 4 years ago, my husband had an aging Brittany that just lay around and had zero energy. If you know anything about the Brittany, you know they are constant motion. Unfortunately though, my husband's dog just had lost his pep and I was concerned. A friend shared the NuVet Plus tablets with me and since I had been disappointed with so many products in the past, I was a skeptic as to whether or not this would work either.

So, I did what the product suggested I do and that was to give 1 tablet to the dog per day for 3 weeks. He was back to his old self; full of pep and bounce like he had when he was younger. I was hooked! And I have been a believer and a customer ever since!

This product is awesome for the family pet or for breeding stockas it adds support to the animal's immune system and… It even supports their bodies when the food they are being fed falls short thereby allowing us owners to save on expensive dog foods! (I feed a food without soy, corn or wheat but it is less expensive and I am confident that when coupled with the NuVet Plus tablets, my dogs are getting what they need to keep them out of the vet's office!)*

Jordie Mann

"Jumps around like a young pup"

We have a 13 year old white miniature schnauzer named Otto. He started showing his age real bad in 2015...He was not very active and we worried about him getting close to the end of his life. I came across a NuVet Labs website on the Internet. After reading all about your products on the website I decided to order a NuVet Plus K-9.

I gave Otto two wafers per day for two weeks as stated in your instructions. By the end of that two weeks I could see a big difference in my dog. Then I switched to one wafer a day. He has got better all along, more active and when I ask him if he wants to go for a walk or to go bye-bye, he jumps around like a young pup and get so excited. He is more like his old self since he's been on your product NuVet Plus. It is good having him back to being part of the family. We are on our second bottle of NuVet Plus and we will continue buying this for Otto for the rest of his life.*

Donald McVey

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