nuvet tabs manufactured in usa

Manufacturing Process

Most pet foods and pet nutritional supplements on today’s market provide sub-standard nutrition, which means many pets are not getting the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they need to thrive.

Three veterinarians, a nutritional scientist, a pharmacist and a physician were frustrated with the sub-standard nutrition provided in the pet industry, so they spent eight years developing a holistic, natural supplement for pets.

The end result was a line of NuVet® products that use natural, human-grade ingredients and cold processing to ensure the most nutritious supplements available. Many pet products use inferior pet-grade ingredients and are manufactured through heat processing, which destroys the nutrients in the food. The cold processing used by NuVet Labs® allows the ingredients to retain their rich nutrients and be absorbed easily into the digestive tract, which means NuVet® products provide more nutritional value.


Manufacturing Facility

NuVet Labs® supplements are in an elite class of pet products manufactured in a FDA-registered human pharmaceutical laboratory. Almost no other pet companies make their products this way, because of the strict monitoring and expense required to make a superior product. In fact, many pet food and supplement companies do not live up to purity standards required to make human-grade products for pets. Some products fall short of the nutrition listed on their labels; other products are vulnerable to contamination from toxins that can harm pets.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)

NuVet Labs® uses the highest standards possible when manufacturing each of their products and are compliant with the most up to date Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP-21CFR11) for the pet supplement industry. The products made by NuVet Labs® meet or surpass all quality standards for Human Nutritional Supplements. NuVet Labs® uses firm quality control procedures and established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in order to exceed the highest standards in every phase of the manufacturing process. NuVet Labs® manufactures products in a facility in accordance with FDA guidelines and consistent with NSF/ANSI 173, USP-NF for Dietary Supplements.