NuVet Labs Reviews & Testimonials - Infections

"No more yeast infections"

Mindy is an English Bulldog and has had a terrible time with the folds of skin on her face. Her eyes used to leak tears and it would cause a red yeast infection. These infections were smelly and nasty to look at. She is 1 year old and has been on the NuVet wafers for four months.

Her eyes are clear now with no more yeast infections. Her coat is soft and shiny. Now when she greets all of my customers at the door, I don't have to worry about a bad odor from her face or a dull coat.

I have placed my new English puppy on the powder formula so that he never starts the infections at all. Thank you NuVet for improving the lives of my best friends.



"Ear Infection"

I'm writing to let you know after 5 months and only 2 bottles of your product, Katie's ear infection is gone. Her ears are clean, open & no odor. The best news is that she has also regained her hearing in the last two weeks!!!

I was looking for a miracle and that's what I received. I was told she wouldn't get it back. Surgery was the only possibility. Not sure, if she would have gotten it back with that. Her other problem was the scratching and chewing. That is gone also. All her bare spots are gone and she doesn't scratch or chew. It's such a pleasure to watch her sleep so peaceful.

A couple of years ago she began having leakage. She was diagnosed with a loose bladder. She was put on phenylpropanolamine 50 mg twice a day. It did stop the leakage but since that time she drinks water constantly. Last year when she was seriously ill with the ear infection, the vet said to take her off the medicine for the time being until she got through the infection. To date, I haven't put her back on them…other than her drinking constantly, she has picked up a appetite that won't quit. She eats constantly... I will continue to give her your product. I'm telling everyone I know about it.

Thank you, Thank you, I can't tell you this enough.

Vickie Stone

"Eye Infection"

My seven month old basset Gus was becoming chronic with eye infection - seeing that the opthalmic ointment provided by my dogs’ vet was doing no appreciable good I turned to you for help. After only one dose I could see a change and I've doubled up, and after only one week it's yet another NuVet miracle - thank you so very much!!

Chris Baedon



"Yeast Infection"

Fourteen year old Maxi has been a “mess” the three years I’ve known her. A Keeshond mix, Maxi has been living with a chronic yeast infection for almost thirteen years. Her skin was hard, cracked and always weeping. Some areas were bleeding, some drained puss. She had numerous holes in her skin and smelled – reeked! Of disease!

There were so many areas with no hair that people would back away from her. Her ears were the worst, I think. She would shake them and fling puss and cry. Flushing and cleaning them caused such pain. Her nails were actually loose in their beds.

Two weeks ago we started her on NuVet. Today at her (grooming) appointment here is what we saw: She pranced in the door. There was a new coat of hair where there had been “sick” skin. Her skin is pinker and smooth. Her nails are firm and hair covers every toe! It didn’t hurt her to walk. No open sores or cracked skin. No drainage from her ears and no terrible smell. No drainage from her eyes. Maxi is becoming a new dog after only two weeks. Someday she will be beautiful again, thanks to NuVet.

Marcia Hensley


"Bacterial and Yeast Infection"

I have a chocolate lab, Chester, and he was suffering from severe allergies and this is from the time he was a puppy. I tried everything I could, from veterinarians to all types of supplements, but nothing worked. He was having trouble healing because of all his biting and scratching.

I was introduced to NuVet Plus and after a short time on NuVet Plus I started to notice his belly, especially where the allergies were most prominent, starting to heal quite a bit. It was a remarkable change after such a short period of time and I feel very strongly that NuVet Plus had a strong impact on the healing process. I have been feeding him the supplement for 5 months, and his hair has grown back thick on his stomach where he had been completely bald from bacterial and yeast infections.

I have been very pleased with the sensational results and I just wanted to thank you for coming up with these products.



"Bladder and Kidney Infection"

We have a 4 year old female Kuvasz named Sierra – Sierra has been dealing with bladder and kidney infections since she was about 8 months old.  We have had ultrasounds done, numerous urinalyses and cultures, and tons of antibiotics to try to help Sierra.  The antibiotics would clear the infection for awhile, but we were always back in the same boat - infection after infection....

Well after dealing with this for about 3 years now, I decided to look online and found your product.  Skeptical at first, I thought ‘What can it hurt?’ and went along and ordered your product.  Well within in a week of giving Sierra the tablets, the blood in the urine has stopped and so has her moping around the house. 

We are very pleased thus far with the product and will continue the use of the product.  I would recommend NuVet to all.

Thank you!

Daryl & Tracy Waddell
New York


"Infected Wound"

We found Miko (a 2yr old Boxer female) on the side of the road and assumed her for dead. We checked her and realized that she was unconscious. We immediately took her to our vet and he got to work on her right away. She had a huge infected wound on her head that went almost to the bone and both elbows were torn open and infested.

She was thoroughly cleaned and treated and she eventually woke up after 15hrs. She was terribly dehydrated, malnourished and could not even lift her head. We took her home and got her started on a proper diet supplemented by the NuVet Plus.

Three days into her recovery we saw a vast difference in her energy levels and mood. Her wounds were rapidly closing up and her bones were being covered up again.

It has now been two weeks since we took her home. The wounds are completely healed. She has recovered 60% of her ideal body weight. She is as lively and loving as ever a dog could be. We took her back to the vet for a checkup yesterday and he was shocked to see her in such a recovered state. He admitted that he did not think she would live through the 1st week.

Thanks to NuVet we now have a beautiful addition to our family.

Frank Cleghorn
New York



My Pitbull Diamond had gotten pregnant and started showing signs of an infection, she had puss filled balls over her mid section and on her mouth and was starting to lose her beautiful shiny hair. We took her to the vet where they said she had pyoderma and because she was pregnant, they couldn't give her any medications but sent me home with multiple shampoos and sprays that they said would help. Well to my surprise the shampoos didn't seem to be working at all and Diamond just kept getting worse and worse every day and it seemed like we were taking her to the vet every other day with me bawling my eyes out because I just didn't know what to do anymore.
Finally, my uncle told me about his Pitbull who had mange and how he had come across these vitamins that had helped her get over her mange so I said I'll try anything. We contacted the NuVet customer service representative and made sure that it was ok we gave her the vitamins since she was pregnant. The representative was very understanding and very very nice, she answered all my questions and that day I ordered my first bottle of NuVet Plus.

Once I got the bottle I started giving them to Diamond immediately and it seemed like within the next week her scabs started going away and her skin started clearing up. Within the next month she had her puppies and her hair started growing back. Now she's fully healthy and has her black shiny coat back which is thicker than ever. I swear by this product and recommend it to anyone even if your pet doesn't have a condition. Thank you NuVet!

Jennifer Masson


"Ear & Yeast Infections"

My 10 year old pug Mitzy always suffered with ear and yeast infections. Medications would relieve symptoms for a little while but never cured the problem.  She also had developed vestibular disease as the result of the scarring caused by the chronic ear infections. She was also very itchy and uncomfortable most of the time and would develop red sores. 

I happened to come across your website while trying to find a solution to Mitzy’s many problems.  NuVet Plus seemed to address most of her problems and I thought it seemed too good to be true, but I thought I'd give it a try. What a difference!  Her skin and coat are beautiful!  Ears are open and clean, I even think she's hearing better too. Her energy level has gone up and symptoms of vestibular disease are disappearing. 

I made the mistake of not using auto ship and I ran out for only about a week and she started to regress immediately.  It took a good 3 weeks to get her back to where she was. I will not make that mistake again!  Thank you for a wonderful product.

Lorraine Delirod
New York


"Eye & Ear Infections"

Hello to my friends at NuVet Labs,

Cody is a 4 ½ year old cockapoo. This is a recent picture of him. He had allergies from going outside in our backyard. It caused yeast in his ears and eye infections. He was continually being put on antibiotics, ear drops and eye drops. It was expensive and he looked and felt bad.  

My groomer gave be a brochure from NuVet Labs and I called and received the three months supply within a week. He’s now on his second 3 month supply. He no longer has yeast in his ears or eye infections. He’s much more active too. We love NuVet. Thank you so much.

Sharon Ramage


"Urinary Tract Infection"

I have a two and a half year old male Shiba Inu named Luvshaq.  When he was only six months old he got a urinary tract infection.  A year later, he got another one.  My vet couldn't understand it.  I looked on the computer for remedies for UTI's and that's when I discovered Nuvet Vitamins.  

I am so proud to say that this year, Luvshaq did not get a urinary tract infection.  Luvshaq looks foward to his "morning treat" and just loves the way it tastes.  I feel secure knowing that I am giving my dog the best supplement money can buy!  His fur looks so plush and feels so silky. 

I am going to order Nuvet for my cat.  Enclosed is a photo of my beautiful dog.  Luvshaq & I thank you for your great product.  I tell all my friends & family about Nuvet.


Laura Williams
New Jersey