NuVet Labs® Testimonials

"This product has been such a relief!"

I just want to say that this product has been such a relief! My chihuahua began having some serious skin problems with itching, scabbing, and hair loss a couple of years ago. She's 6 years old. The vet said it's probably allergies but that blood work would have to be done to know for sure. I figured that even if I knew what she was allergic to, I would have to start her on some expensive medications with some serious side effects. I tried a few recommended supplements, medicated shampoos, coconut oil, oatmeal baths, nothing was working.

I stumbled on this product and I don't know why, but after reading some reviews, I decided to try it. Well, after only about a week or so, her skin cleared up amazingly and she started having so much more energy. I am almost finished with the first bottle of 90 wafers and I have already set up an auto shipment because this is working!
Terri Silipo

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"Believe so strongly in NuVet Plus"

Several years ago a friend of mine told me about NuVet Plus and what it had done for her dogs. She summed it up by saying, "I wish I could take it myself."

Frankly, I didn't believe my dogs needed anything.  I thought they were fine, however, after a relatively brief time on NuVet Plus, I saw an increased vigor and also an obvious sharpness in their health. Then I considered the things I wasn't seeing, such as improved systemic functions as well as an immune strengthening that would protect against future degenerative diseases and problems of many types. I could go on and on detailing specifics of why I believe so strongly in NuVet Plus --------instead, like my friend, I'll just offer a simple country quip of my own. 

I tell my wife we'll do without groceries before we run out of NuVet Plus for the dogs!
Greg Evans

"Amazing!! Thank You NuVet!!!"

I love NuVet vitamins! I have been a rescue foster mom for over 5 years and have had over 350 dogs come through my home with kennel cough, worms, parvo, distemper, you-name-it. And through all that, my 7 year old mini-schnauzer who has had a NuVet wafer every day of his life for 7 years (he was born in my house) has never ever been sick with anything! He is the healthiest mini-schnauzer ever!!

I also have my son's border collie taking NuVet for the past 7 years as well.  He is 12 years old but people think he is only 2!  He also has no health issues!  Now I have a mini poodle on NuVet Joint Plus which dramatically helps with his arthritis!!! He is now 13 and agile as ever!

I believe in NuVet so much, I immediately begin all pregnant rescue fosters to take NuVet, then put the puppies on it once they are weaned! Amazing!! Thank You NuVet!!!

P.S. Your cleaning products are also wonderful! They really do work and leave a refreshing citrus scent!

Marcy Munoz

  • nuvet plus nujoint ds reviews
  • nuvet plus nujoint ds reviews
  • nuvet plus nujoint ds reviews

"Truly can't THANK you enough!!!"

I want to personally thank you for the care and dedication this company has put into making this amazing product. Both of my dogs have been transformed and it is unbelievable. My older dog has fatty tumors and a wart on his ear and all are almost gone and his coat looks full and bright! He's also acting like a pup again! His ears and eyes are better too. This vitamin really took over and helped him with any ailment. My younger dog is a Boston terrier French bulldog with many allergies he is 4yrs old. He is on amazing food but still has no hair on his tummy and two bald spots after bring on this for a few weeks he is growing his hair back!!!! I truly can't THANK you enough for what you have done in making my dogs happier and healthier. I will use this product faithfully forever!

Thank you!

Nicole Snelten

"I would give NuVet Labs 6 stars if I could"

I would give NuVet Labs 6 stars if I could. NuVet Plus is the only thing that helped my Lab with her allergies. I had spent over a thousand dollars at my vet doing allergy testing. We then tried to change her diet to eliminate certain ingredients to find out why Holly was constantly scratching and biting herself all the time. We were prescribed different medicines and even tried prednisone shots. Absolutely nothing worked for her. We took her to a holistic vet who recommended trying NuVet Plus. We were skeptical at first because we tried so many things that didn't help Holly at all. After a month of giving Holly 3 tabs a day, she was barley itching anymore. We are now down to 2 tabs a day and Holly's hair has fully grown back where she previously bit it out and she seems to be a much happier dog. I 100% recommend this product to all dog owners.

Mike W.

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"Gone back in time!"

My girlfriend found this for me and I cannot get over how my 12-year old Chow has gone back in time! The ads for this product couldn't be more true---which is really refreshing these days! My dog looks and acts like she did 10 years ago, her coat is incredibly soft and healthy (she even lost her gray hair with this product!), the whites of her eyes are super-white and the "blue haze" from oncoming sight problems is completely gone. To top this off, she's running around like she's a puppy again, playing and responding.

This is all just as we thought we might have to put her down because she was limping badly, her hip was out of whack, and she had a hard time standing up and laying down. I don't know what's all in this stuff, but it's even cleared up an infected toe! The grapefruit-sized black tumor on her belly is about the size of a small plum.

Thank You, NuVet!
Shawna Newton

"An Amazing Recovery!"

I started my 10 year old Doberman, Harley, on this product at 4 wafers a day to try and prevent a second surgical removal of a quickly growing and potentially cancer skin tumor. I had previously spent over $800 having one removed at the vet just 3 months before this one presented - bleeding and growing bigger each week. Within the first 5 days on NuVet Plus the tumor stopped bleeding. Within 2 weeks it had stopped growing and proceeded to shrink over the next 4 weeks. After less than 3 months on this product the skin tumor has completely disappeared.

I will keep him on this product for the duration of his life. We have recently rescued a Doberman puppy who will also be a regular on this product. What was a last ditch effort that I was going to skeptically try for my dog turned into an amazing recovery that I am still positively stunned by.
Tara M. and Harley
British Columbia, Canada

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  • nuvet plus nujoint ds reviews

"An over-all happier dog!"

FYI....I have NEVER written to a company to tell them how GREAT their product is.  I HAVE written to a company to tell them how BAD their product is. This is a first.

Baron, my 12.5 year old GSD, is epileptic.  He has been on anti-seizure meds since the age of 5.  That is 7.5 years of serious drugs affecting his internal organs: liver, kidneys, etc. Not to mention what they do to his over-all health.

He is also fighting arthritis, and, as most parents of older dogs know, this is a day to day battle.  Some days are wonderful and others are really, and I mean, really, bad.

Bear has been on the NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus since the beginning of this year (a little over 2 months).  He had an appointment yesterday with the vet and my vet cannot believe how much BETTER Bear is at getting around, not dragging his hind legs as much, and just an over-all happier dog!  Even his fur is softer - and this was an area that I didn't think need improvement!

I wanted to say "THANK YOU" for giving me a tool to assist my older GSD in continuing with a high quality of life. I do believe that these two products have, and will, continue to keep Baron as happy and healthy as possible in his golden years.

Monica S.
Aka, Mom~O~Bear

"Miracle tabs have saved me a lot of money"

After having skin and ear problems with my beloved ChaCha, a beautiful white peek-a-poo, even after switching her to grain free food I turned to Google on the net and found NuVet tabs. I started ChaCha on those and within a short time her scaly patches on her back cleared up, the tiny cysts she had on her body, which sometimes would get infected and have to be surgically removed, cleared up and went away. Also, I noticed that her summertime episodes of inflamed ears no longer came back. I took them to my vet to show him what I had been giving her and he told me that the ingredients were all supplements that boost a dogs immune system. And as luck would have it, she loves them!! She thinks they are her cookies and gobbles them right down. These miracle tabs have saved me a lot of money in vet bills and time taking her to the vet. Thank you NuVet!!

Mona Clark

"DRASTIC improvement"

I would like to take a minute to thank NuVet Labs from the very bottom of my heart for saving our dog's life!

Chica, our 6 year-old black lab has suffered with severe hip dysplasia for the past year and a half. It was to the point where we would have had to put her down in anywhere from 3 to 6 months because of her inability to get around and the suffering she was going through. While pruzing the internet in hopes to find something to help relieve some of her pain.

I came across NuVet Labs and with high-hopes, we ordered NuJoint Plus. With-in 3 days of being on the vitamins Chica jumped up onto the bed... Something she hasn't been able to do in over a year. She has also been able to jump up and snatch 3 loaves of bread from the kitchen counter (again, something she hasn't done in well over a year). This weekend, I was showing a family member the bottle and Chica saw us with them- She immediately began dancing around begging for one, she loves the taste so it definitely makes giving them to her a breeze!

She has now been on NuJoint for a total of 10 days and we have seen DRASTIC improvement in her ability to go up and down stairs, she can get in and out of our pool on her own, she has more energy overall, and she was even able to play a game of fetch this weekend!! I would (and have been) recommending NuVet's NuJoint Plus to anyone and everyone!! Again, thank you for giving us our beloved pet back! :-)

The Henderson's

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  • nuvet plus nujoint ds reviews

"Fur had grown back"

I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!

My cat had a skin problem for a year... She had a cone on her head for a year because every time she licked herself, her fur would disappear and her skin would go raw. Nothing helped. I spent hundreds of dollars on lab work, shots and meds.

My mom told me about Nuvet and I ordered it. Within a week, the fur had grown back and today she is completely healed. She loves the stuff! You guys have seriously made me so happy.

Karissa Blades

"Miracle tabs have saved me a lot of money"

I adopted a 3-legged rescue dog that had been saved by a rescue group.  She was left in the desert with no tail and no back leg.  Estimated her age at 5 yrs.  She could not stand, only crawled around and ate and drank lying down.  I had her a couple of months when my vet's groomer suggested NuVet tablets to help with her coat.  After 10 days of giving Honey Bunny the tablets, she actually stood at her water bowl and drank water.  Gradually, overtime we were able to take walks around the neighborhood and everyone knew The Honey Bunny.  I also started her on the Joint tablets when I saw what happened with the regular tablets.  She was with me for 10 years.  One specialist had x-rayed her and said she would never walk as the remaining back leg had severe hip dysplasia.  We showed him.
 I love NuVet.

Rose N.
Phoenix, AZ

"Thanks to NuVet"

I would like to send you a personal testimonial regarding my four cats, and how they have benefited from your product.  It has been about one year since my four Siamese cats have been “using” your product. In that time, I have DEFINITELY noticed a shinier coat, brighter eyes and extra energy. When their breeder first told me about NuVet, and recommended it. I was skeptical; however, the “proof has been in the pudding.” The “pudding” is healthier cats. Guests often state that they have such soft, shiny coats of hair, I always respond, “Thanks to NuVet.”
 My cats get it every morning in their canned food, and they love it!!!

 Robert J.

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