NuVet Labs Reviews & Testimonials - Itching & Scratching

"Has had ZERO problems"

This is lengthy but worth reading. We have an English Springer, 91/2 yrs. old who started having itchy skin episodes (at about 3 years old) that began with her spring drop in coat. It accelerated over the years to a nonstop situation where she had to wear an e-collar nearly 24/7 to keep her from causing large bloody sores mostly on her rump, belly & legs.

We had 4 different vets look at her and she took countless medications and lab tests to try and diagnose and control the obvious miserable state she was in. All of the vets were stumped as to what was going on. Additionally, we tried every main dog food and shampoo available but there was no relief. (It was confirmed she had no outside influence - such as allergies or parasites - that caused this.) We had nearly reached the decision to have her euthanized to end her agony especially when she would look at us with desperation in her eyes pleading for help. We can't tell you how it tore us up watching her in total misery.

Last Christmas 2009, we got a dog for my sister and we selected Doberman puppy (4 months old). The breeder stated "I don't care what you feed this dog (meaning kibble) as long as it is 18% protein and give her these." It was a bottle of your NuVet Plus vitamins. She raved on and on about how wonderful it was for all dogs for all types of problems AND preventions. We told her about Mandy, the Springer, and she said she was positive it would definitely help and possibly cure her issues. I have to admit I went away saying yeah, sure just like all the other products we had tried.

We went ahead and started giving her the tablets and in THREE days time she had TOTALLY stopped itching (except the occasional natural itch) and all the sores rapidly healed up. Her worst time of year is the spring when she blows her coat so I deliberately waited this long to see if her old issues resurfaced before writing to you. Well, she has finished blowing coat and she has had ZERO problems. In fact, her coat is incredibly softer and her natural liver brown color is returning.

We started her on the tablets the last week of Dec 2009 and we make sure she NEVER misses a dose. An added note, she was diagnosed with bone cancer of her right leg the first week of January 2010 and since starting the tablets, the growth has not gotten any larger (as of this writing 28 March 2010.) Was it because of the tablets? I don't know but I DO know she is a much happier dog who acts like a puppy again and we can't thank you enough. PLEASE don't ever change your formula – it’s the ONLY thing that has worked for her.

Diane and Darlene
North Carolina


"Itching cleared"

These pictures are of Mitzi, a Bichon who chewed her bottom mercilessly!

After 30 days on NuVet, her itching cleared and after a good grooming, all the orange hair where she had been chewing was gone and replaced with pretty white fur!

Thank you for making such a great product!

Marthe Worley
North Carolina


"Does not scratch any more"

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my beloved dog his life back.  He suffered for so long with severe allergies and we tried every medical treatment on the planet for highly allergic dogs.  Out of desperation, my husband did a lot of research on the internet and luckily stumbled upon your website.  We immediately ordered your product and as advertised, it did take about 3 months to really see the effects. 

My golden retriever, Max, was suffering so badly.  He had welts all over his body because he literally bit through his skin to get relief from feeling so "itchy".  In addition, he had lost over 30% of his hair.  His face looked like he had been in a prize fight due to the constant scratching and his fur was constantly oily to the touch. 

I am so happy to tell you that he has never looked better.  His coat has never been healthier and he does not scratch any more.  Max went from being very listless to acting like a puppy again at 7 1/2 years of age.  You have made a world of difference in his and all of our lives by using NuVet Plus twice a day in his food.  We are so grateful to you and your wonderful product.  I have recommended it to other dog owners having similar problems with their pets.

Randi & Charles McGivney
New Jersey  


"Scratching less and the smell was fading"

Thank you so much for your help. You probably don't remember,  but I had called and asked your advice about my “peek-a-pom”.  He smelled absolutely terrible, itching constantly, biting himself until he was raw, losing a lot of his hair on his back, and his skin was turning black. He also had open areas on his skin. He was a pitiful sight.  I tried different shampoos, etc. hoping to give him some relief. 

In fact, I was checking online for help when I ran across the NuVet site. I started him on the vitamins with some hope but a lot of skepticism. I was told to give him 8 weeks to see if it would help. In a matter of 2 weeks, I was noticing he was scratching less and the smell was fading. He now has a full coat of hair, has a lot more energy, smells like a normal dog, and doesn't gross people out any more. It had gotten to the place where it was hard to even pet him anymore because of how bad he smelled and looked.

I am now a firm believer in NuVet and am letting other people know about it. Thank you so much!!

Charlotte Pice


"Beautiful, healthy dog!!"

I was given a 4 yr. old Italian Greyhound named Spencer. He had been neglected, was very thin, lethargic, constantly scratched and coughed up phlegm.

I started him on the NuVet Plus canine wafers and within a few weeks the change in his appearance and energy level was very apparent. He has been on the product now for over 6 months and is no longer scratching, the coughing and spitting up has stopped almost completely.

Thanks for helping restore Spencer back to a beautiful, healthy dog!!

Lynda Remus
New Mexico


"Intense scratching stopped"

Five months ago we adopted a 5 yr. old dog from a local shelter.  The first few days he was with us, we observed major itching, coughing, wheezing, and mucus from his eyes.  A full “vet wellness exam” diagnosed skin allergies. 

I decided to research some alternative approaches other than allergy testing, steroid medication, and whatnot.  I ordered a 30 day supply of NuVet Plus vitamin supplements.  After 2 weeks, the coughing and wheezing stopped completely.  After 5 weeks, the intense scratching stopped.  Also, he had no more eye mucus. 

Our dog is so comfortable now, he is a happy, playful 5 yr. old, unlike the distressed dog he was before!  He loves to eat the wafer every morning, and he waits by the cupboard for it!  This product has been a blessing for “Tazzer ".

Karen Tait


"Happier, healthier overall dog!"

I currently breed, show, and train South African Boerboels.  I started feeding NuVet  and within days noticed a huge difference in my dogs' appearance as well as their energy levels.  I focus on feeding my studs and have noticed increased semen motility as well as count, and healthier, more uniform pups from my breeding females.

I have used NuVet  on rescues of all breeds and have seen dramatic changes in them as well.  One was a mastiff with severe allergies.  She was on Prednisone, topical creams, restricted diet, and on several antibiotics.  The poor dog itched constantly and was definitely in poor condition.  After the first week of feeding NuVet, she wasn't scratching nearly as much and inflammation of her feet had decreased.  A month later, she was off the Prednisone and her hair had begun to grow back, no more itching, she was a happier, healthier overall dog!

I highly recommend NuVet  to all my puppy buyers and my family’s dogs.  It’s definitely a product that will remain in my program indefinitely.

Samantha Izard


"Stopped itching"

I just wanted you to know how much my Frenchie (Scootie) loves your NuVet Plus!

Not only did he stop itching but all the red sore spots he itched to death are gone. He looks forward to your wafer every morning and eats it like a treat. I don't have to put it in his food or "sneak" it in all chopped up. He loves it!  And for me..that's a plus. But more than that, he stopped itching. I am so thankful for that.

I would recommend this product to anyone that has an "itchy" dog!!
Thanks again!

Carolyn Lacey
North Carolina


"Itching is almost gone"

Roo, my 9 year old poodle mix, whom I adopted three years ago scratched from the day I got her.  The itching and scratching became progressively worse.  She saw two different vets and a dermatology specialist.  I tried OTC remedies and strong prescribed medications.  She continued getting worse.  She chewed on her fur until it fell out.  Her skin was red and raw.

Finally, a friend told me about NuVet which I sent for immediately.  I saw a change within one month.  Her itching is almost gone and her fur has grown in thick and beautiful.

Thank you, NuVet!

Bea Ferraro


"Itching gone!"

Here's my itchy dog story: My dog Abby has had skin problems since she was a puppy. I tried everything to relieve her itchiness: I have always feed her the best organic dog food available, I took her to a dog dermatologist, changed her bed to a custom made hypo-allergenic bamboo dog name it, I tried it. I finally discovered that Abby was suffering from skin yeast infections. (The infection looks a bit like flea dander.)

After much research and having tried several types of dog vitamins, I came across NuVet. At the same time I started giving Abby NuVet (about a month ago) I also started cooking all of her food which consists of 85% high quality meat / 15% veggies (either lamb or salmon - she's allergic to chicken.) I wanted a supplement to help with anything I may be missing in her homemade diet. She stopped scratching within 4 days of changing her diet and vitamins.

My husband forgot to give her the NuVet vitamins for 3 days while I was away and the itching resumed almost immediately. Once she was back on NuVet, voila! Itching gone! Her energy level has skyrocketed, she looks great, and has never acted happier! When I've hidden other vitamins in her food in the past, she refuses to eat her food! My dog will also NOT eat dog treats - she's VERY picky. She eats the vitamins like they're a treat. Amazing.

NuVet has improved Abby's life and mine! Thank you for a quality product, may you never change!

Jennifer Scheffel


"Remarkable difference"

I always tried to give my pets quality food and vitamin supplements, but still I struggled with their shedding, lack of thriving, vomiting on occasion, hyper behavior, and general itching. Some of them developed cysts or tumors that had to be removed. It was so frustrating to see them frantically itching over the years, no matter how many different supplements I tried...My cat especially suffered with itchy skin to the point where she pulled her hair out, making bald patches. My vet said she needed to be tested for allergies - a very expensive test that I couldn't afford. 
When I tried NuVet Plus supplement, I was amazed at the difference it made and am very pleased with it. It gave my dog a wonderfully soft and healthy coat almost immediately. Also after a conversation with the company's animal nutritionalist, I received probably the best advice on pet diets I have ever heard in my 40 plus years of pet ownership. I began to understand better about dietary needs and radically changed the way I fed my dog and two cats with amazing results. No more vomiting and one cyst my dog had is gradually going away! And it didn't cost anything!

Together with the NuVet Plus supplements, my dog no longer itches like she used to and my cat has gradually quit also. After seeing her suffer with itching for over five years, I am not exaggerating when I say it was an answer to prayer! It was a breakthrough for me!

I plan to keep my pets on this diet and use the NuVet supplements because of the remarkable difference it has made!

Fran Lynghaug


"Results were incredible!"

My dog Shorty was a little over a year old when the itching first started. The itching, led to biting and chewing her feet raw, to the point of bleeding and had discomfort when walking. I was a professional groomer and immediately began topical treatments using a variety of shampoos and conditioners. After bathing her weekly for 6 weeks with no relief in sight, I took her to the vet. They ran tests, including a very expensive allergy test. Shorty was highly allergic to oak trees, which our neighborhood was blanketed with, and other allergens like mold, dust and a variety of seasonal items.

For the next year I treated Shorty with a weekly allergy injection, bathed her with prescription shampoo and conditioner, washed her bed, kept all my windows closed, dusted and vacuumed every other day and on occasion gave her an allergy pill as well. Because her allergies were not food related I purchased a high end, high quality food hoping that would also help her coat and skin. Throughout that year she still suffered, her ailments did improve some but not enough for me-I was giving her shots at home every week, I wanted a miracle! Instead, I got to take the before picture you see here. Shorty was at her very worst and it was as if that previous year was for nothing.

Thankfully my place of employment hired a new manager who told me all about NuVet. At this point I had heard every way of "curing" her allergy problems and figured I'd tried all of those so I'd try NuVet too. I loved her, I wanted her to be happy and to enjoy her life as a dog, not as a constant itch needing to be scratched. It only took about a month to start seeing her sores healing, her feet becoming less swollen and her coat growing back.

Wanting to be certain the NuVet was the cause, I stopped the allergy shots and bathed her less frequently. After one month of being on NuVet alone, the results were incredible! I finally got my miracle! Instead of having to sit through more injections, Shorty gladly sat for her new treat-NuVet. As you can see in her after picture her coat came back gorgeous and only a few short months after her first NuVet wafer.

Nicole Weisman


"It's wonderful and he loves to eat it!"

Spike our Wheaton broke out in rashes and hives the moment it got warm. He was always biting and scratching and licking himself raw. We tried changing foods, baths, everything under the sun. Cortisone shots from the vet and Prednisone only kept it at bay for a few weeks.

The moment we started him on NuVet Plus, which as recommended to us by a rescue organization for Wheatons... he only scratches like a normal dog. It's wonderful and he loves to eat it!

Agnes Brewster


"Hooray for NuVet!"

Hi, I'm happy to share Chiquita's story with you. Chiquita is a five year old Chihuahua that I adopted about eight months ago, a real sweetheart. But after a few weeks, I noticed that she was licking her paws. A lot. My heart sank, because our previous dog, a cocker spaniel mix named Tiny, had developed the same symptoms shortly after we adopted her and went through several terrible months before we found relief for her. She had to take 3 tablets of Chlortrimeton daily during her "itchy" months for several years before the symptoms went away.

I didn't like giving a dog allergy medicine, but it was the only thing (after trying a few natural treatments) that worked. So you can imagine how worried I was about Chiquita and her itchy paws. I found NuVet through Google and decide to try it. The bottle arrived within a few days and I gave one to Chiquita.

To my amazement, by that evening, she had stopped licking her paws! The only time she has a problem is when I forget to give her the NuVet or if I run out and haven't ordered in advance. So hooray for NuVet!



"Handsome as ever!"

Our beautiful chocolate lab "Brody", was scratching, chewing and licking himself till he had sore’s, and losing his coat.  Changing his dog food to a holistic brand helped for a while, but soon he was starting to do it again.

My husband was looking on the internet for some help for our beautiful guy. He is nearly 5 years old and we have had him since he was 10 weeks old. We found out on the 1st day we had him he was prone to seizures. But we couldn't give him up. Allergies, skin problems and all, we love him.

The NuVet Plus is awesome!! After taking it for only 3 weeks we noticed the itching had slowed down dramatically and his coat was coming back too. Three months later he is handsome as ever! Can't thank the people at NuVet enough for their fabulous product! We highly recommend it!!!

Janet Trent


"Dramatic change"

Our dog was scratching a lot and I mean all the time. She did not have fleas or mites and her skin didn't appear to be dry. We tried several shampoos to try to get her some relief and nothing really worked.

I found Nuvet plus on line and read the testimonials and thought it's worth a try. After about two weeks I noticed she wasn't scratching as much. Being a skeptic I waited to see if it would start up again but it didn't. She rarely scratches and we are so happy with this product I have recommended it to several friends. I would not have believed a simple tablet could make such a dramatic change but it has. I'm going on the auto delivery plan, I don't want to ever run out of it for her.

Judith Lents