NuVet Labs Reviews & Testimonials - Kidney

"Renal Faulire"

I consider my pets to be my children. Therefore, I am the mother of three furry children, Bonnie (75 lbs. German Shepherd mix) who is 14 years old. Kittie, a beautiful Tabby who is 19 years old and Gatsby also a Tabby who is a 2 years old.
My family is very precious to me and I had been quite saddened by two facts of life. Bonnie was limping and very lethargic and Kittie slept most of the time. The vet informed me Kittie had incurable end stage renal failure. I was devastated.

A friend suggested I try a new supplement for both Bonnie and Kittie.  A month ago, I started both on NuVet Plus and Hip & Joint Therapy for Bonnie. I cannot tell you how much my pets have changed.
Today Bonnie is running instead of walking. Her coat is shining like a mirror. A neighbor asked me what fountain of youth she had been drinking from. The other day she started to chase another dog. As for Miss Kittie, she is running around the house chasing Bonnie and is as perky as a kitten. Gatsby looked sad that he was not getting any “medicine" so I started him on the supplement. He has more vitality than he ever did and is a true lover purring all the time.  
All I know is my family does not appear to be on the verge of dying.  For as long as they have on this earth I know they will be really happy. Thank you so much for creating your great products.
Dorothy F. Chatsworth


"Kidney Disease"

I have a 16 yr. old Malamute/Lab mix. Odus. About 9 months ago he was diagnosed with  Kidney disease....

8 months later he was tested again, blood work and urinalysis and it came back perfect. No signs of anything. Thanks to NuVet. I feel I'll get a few more years with my Furkid and best friend Odus.

Sharon Fewless   


"Chronic renal failure"

This is a great big "THANK YOU" for my remarkable recovery!

In November 2009, at 15 years of age, my vet diagnosed me with chronic renal failure and I lost so much weight so quickly I sent my mom and dad into a panic and tears. My mommy did some searching on my condition and stumbled upon your website. Having conferred with one of your nutritionists, they started me on the NuVet Wafers.
In less than a week, I am prancing around and walking with my world renown trot. EVERYBODY who knows me says I've simply made an outstanding recovery. I feel great and almost invincible. Upon reviewing my blood work numbers, my vet exclaimed "well, whatever it is we're doing, we're doing right". My mommy and daddy straightened him out and told him ... well, it's those magical NuVet wafers!

That's my younger brother MER with me. He is a Maltese and his middle name is Trouble. In addition to my physical recovery, NuVet has given me the confidence to assert myself too so Mer doesn't try any of that naughty stuff on me now.

I hope every Mommy and Daddy out there tries NuVet and gives their pets a chance at a better quality of life!

Soleil Jay Curtis


"Kidney Failure"

Our beloved Golden Retriever, Bailey was diagnosed with kidney failure 2 years ago.  Her vet gave little hope except a change in diet and a possible transplant.

After researching nutrition and supplements, I changed her to a holistic vet and added NuVet to her changed diet along with laser acupuncture treatments.  Bailey is alive and frisky and full of life! 

Our daughter bought an English Lab puppy from a breeder in Pennsylvania, who strongly urged her to keep her puppy on NuVet Plus for a long life in excellent health.  Our vet concurred and Bailey has benefited from this excellent supplement that has boosted her immune system.

Thank you, NuVet for your wonderful product that has truly increased the quality and length of Bailey's life.

I tell all of my friends who loved their pets, as we do, about your product.  I rate NuVet "4 paws up!"

Bonnie Barnes


"Kidney and Bladder Infections"

I have a three year old Persian cat that I adopted when she was about two. Shortly after getting her I started making frequent trips with her to the vet, because she had recurring bladder and kidney infections....

Then she started to lose her hair and she lost a lot of weight.  It began to worry me with all of this going on, I thought there could be something major wrong with her. I took her back to the vet and the vet ran several tests on her. All test results came back fine.
However, she could not go on like this. She would soon lose her strength because she wasn't eating.  That's when I called NuVet and asked if they thought it would help. She said definitely give it a try. So I ordered it for her and thought what do I have to lose, I mean it's all natural so it can't hurt her.
She immediately started eating the day I put NuVet on her food. In about two and a half weeks I could not believe the difference in her hair and she had started to put a little weight back on. It has now been about two months since she started NuVet and she looks wonderful and hasn't had any bladder or kidney infections. 
I WOULD definitely recommend NuVet to any one for their pet.

Shamika Shelton


"Kidney Failure"

Our 2 yr old Yorkie, Charlie suddenly became ill July 2009. He was vomiting, urinating, drinking excessively, refused to eat, we immediately took him to our vet and was told he had kidney failure. The vet tested him for everything possible, not understanding why such a young dog was having kidney failure.

The vet hospitalized our Charlie for a week. They flushed his kidneys with liquids and forced fed him while providing antibiotics. We were able to bring him home with instructions on flushing the IV and force feeding him. Over the weekend, he was depressed, wouldn't eat and very weak. Unlike his playful, energetic self. We began our own research...

We came across NuVet and ordered it. We were willing to try anything...We started giving Charlie the wafer (1) per day, changed his diet, (low protein) and prayed he would get better. Within a week, he was nearly back to himself. Recent vet visit indicates his creatinine levels are normal, which the vet indicated he never thought they would be and asked what we were doing because he believes Charlie is a miracle dog! 

I can only hope this will prolong our young Yorkie's life. NuVet has given us hope and Charlie is playful and full of life despite the kidney failure we thought he couldn't beat.  Thank you!

The Hornung Family


"Kidney Problems"

We want to thank you for creating such a wonderful product and for making it taste so good! Most animal “health” products on the market almost have to be force fed or “hidden” in the food somehow, because kitties tend to be a bit “finicky” in their appetites. Your product is totally tasty to our casts and has made a tremendous difference especially for one particular fellow we have. “Noodle Romanoff” is a beautiful purebred Russian Blue cat who is a delight to us.  Sadly, he developed kidney problems and has had to be put on a different (specialty diet) food than the rest of his kitty family. (We have 7 total cats-most of them formerly feral strays who we rehabilitated and adopted into our family.)

He HATES his special diet food and would rather starve himself than eat it! We had a huge dilemma as to whether to allow him to become as emaciated as he was getting or let him eat the regular food and possibly lose him as a result anyway. Noodles was very unhappy that he was the “special” kitty as well since we had to separate him from the others and he “knew” that they were getting the “good stuff” to eat. It was breaking our hearts. Then we received your NuVet Plus daily feline supplement in the mail. We figured we’d give it a try with him – at least he’d get more nutrition with the little bites he did take. We sprinkled a little bit on top of his specialty diet and mixed it up. Imagine our surprise when he LOVED it!! He ate more than we had ever seen him eat and looked up at the package waiting for more!!

He now actually LOVES being the “special” kitty and waits patiently for us to sprinkle the NuVet on his special diet food! He then eagerly eats his meal! His coat has improved, his energy and most especially his appetite!!

Thank you so much NuVet! We can’t recommend this product highly enough to anyone with a “finicky” eater! We know it has extended our kitty’s life and we are so grateful!

Thank You!

Dan & Marnie Taylor
North Carolina


"Kidney and Bladder Infection"

We have a 4 year old female Kuvasz named Sierra – Sierra has been dealing with bladder and kidney infections since she was about 8 months old.  We have had ultrasounds done, numerous urinalyses and cultures, and tons of antibiotics to try to help Sierra.  The antibiotics would clear the infection for awhile, but we were always back in the same boat - infection after infection.  The vet even wanted to do some surgery to cut away the flap to the opening where bacteria maybe entering – of course this would only be experimental and of course cost us even more money. 

Well after dealing with this for about 3 years now, I decided to look online and found your product.  Skeptical at first, I thought ‘What can it hurt?’ and went along and ordered your product.  Well within in a week of giving Sierra the tablets, the blood in the urine has stopped and so has her moping around the house. 

We are very pleased thus far with the product and will continue the use of the product.  I would recommend NuVet to all.

Thank you!

Daryl & Tracy Waddell
New York


"Kidney enzymes were normal"

My 8 year old Min. Schnauzer Lacey had elevated kidney enzymes. So I researched it on line and found NUVET LABS.

After taking the supplement for a month I noticed a remarkable change in her she was running and playing with her younger sister Daisy. After I went back to my vet her kidney enzymes were normal. I RECOMMEND NUVET.

Marnie Vanech


"Taking One Day at a Time"

My dog Roxy is a 5 year old (large -mini) Daschund who was diagnosed with severe Kidney disease more than 3 weeks ago. My vet all but gave up on her. She had no appetite and would throw up anything I did get her to eat and was starting to have very loose stools. She had no energy and was down to a little less than 12 pounds! She wouldn't even bark if she heard someone at the front door or give me massive loads of licks! 

I wasn't ready to give up on my little girl yet. While surfing the internet I came across your Nu-Vet Plus wafers. Today makes it 2 weeks that I've been giving them to her along with the Raw food which was suggested by the fantastic Animal Nutritionist that you folks referred me to. As of right now this little dog's appetite is back, and except for an occasional throw up she is acting normally.  Although it looks like she only regained close to a pound she hasn't lost any more weight.

My plan for now is to keep doing what I'm doing right now and maybe have her blood rechecked next week. One day at a time!

Every day I have this little girl is a blessing and I thank you folks for all you do.

Stu Kaufman


"Living a normal healthy happy life"

NuVet was a true life saver for our Mini Schnauzer Wickkett. After having a sudden illness and being hospitalized for a weekend and being diagnosed with intestinal inflammation that was causing fluid to build up in his abdomen, which wasn’t the actual problem after more tests and no improvements and a lot of vet bills, it was discovered he actually had kidney problems at first I was told he was losing protein through his urine and it was kidney failure and we would be lucky if he made it a month and we should cherish the time we had left with our precious boy.

I would not accept this and that afternoon I got on the internet looking for alternate treatments for kidney failure what I found was wonderful testimonials about NuVet Plus and placed my order right then. I also found great information about organic home cooked meals which we began that day as well. In a few days we got our first bottle of NuVet Plus and after 1 week of taking it and eating organic I could see a world of difference the fluid buildup was going down he no longer looked like a swollen balloon. I’m just a little over a month he was active again playing with toys again which he had not done since getting sick.
It has now been almost a year since he was hospitalized I truly believe NuVet Plus was his saving grace and he still takes one every day and has organic home cooked meals. Although his urinalysis still shows he is losing protein and I've researched it and put a name to it Protein losing neropathy he is living a normal healthy happy life.

Thank you so much for all the testimonials other pet owners have shared they truly helped in making the decision we had to try NuVet. And that’s why I'm sharing our story so that maybe it will help another family that like us was not giving up hope in finding a treatment even when the vets had.

It has been 4 years now since starting nuvet wafers and at his last bloodwork the kidneys looks normal and he suffers no symptoms or problems he started seeing a new vet and she told us if I had not told her of his problems looking at his bloodwork she would think he was a perfectly healthy dog. Thanks again Nuvet!

Mandy Cable
North Carolina


"Never seen him look and feel better"

I thought my dog was a gonner. He obviously had kidney problems -dark urine, wouldn't eat etc. Within a couple of days I could see an improvement after he started taking NuVet Plus. Within a week, he was running around like a puppy.... and still is.

He's a 10 year old lab mix and I've never seen him look and feel better. He'll take it for the rest of his life. Heck, I may even try some.

Neana Hall