NuVet Labs Reviews & Testimonials - Tumors & Lumps

"Reduced my dog's tumors"

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU!

This product, so far, has reduced my dog's tumors completely, one of which is completely gone.  The other was huge in his groin area, and a couple of weeks into taking his new “medicine”, we were telling him to “hang on”, just a few more weeks of your medicine buddy, just keep fighting.  It’s been about 6 weeks now, yesterday, was the first time he’s ran in a month.  He’s a 12 year old, brindle Pit Bull with a personality and energy of a puppy when he’s not sick.  There were tears of joy yesterday watching him run in our backyard with our other dogs (3), right alongside of them.  It was AMAZING!  He is getting little ones throughout his body, so we’re hoping a little longer and those will be dissolved as well. 

I am going to suggest your medicine to anyone and everybody with any type of physical problems with their dog.  I can’t tell you how close we were a couple of weeks ago to laying our dog to rest, because how bad this tumor was.  I know my dog has lived a long life, he deserves longer and you can tell his spirit has more to give in this life.

So I wanted to take the time to say – THANK YOU, from me and my entire family, for giving one of our family members more time on this earth.
You can bet we will be buying more and giving it to the rest of our dogs as a preventative measure!




For sometime my husband and I were trying to figure out why our Pug, Jimmy D, of 10 years had negative test results on his senior profile....

During the fall and winter of 2009 Jimmy D developed a tumor on his face.  It grew slowly at first then more rapidly as time went on. The vet found the tumor to be non-malignant and said they could remove it surgically but did not recommend surgery due to his other tumor and would put Jimmy at risk. The facial tumor grew very rapidly over the first two weeks in Jan 2010.  I decided to look on the Internet for natural remedies or possibly surgery with localized anesthesia. 

I came across NuVet Plus.  I was very impress with the testimonials on the site.  I was also impressed with the amount of information on the tablet.  There was a lot to read and all was helpful.  With all that was offered, I felt we had nothing to lose.  We were hopeful the NuVet Tablet would make Jimmy feel better and get a little spring back in his step after all. It wouldn't hurt. We started Jimmy D on NuVet Plus, twice a day, in Feb 2010.  The tumor was almost the size of my thumb nail and bothering Jimmy a lot.  After about two weeks Jimmy seemed to be more alert and more energetic.  From day one Jimmy ate the tablet with pleasure. It is his special treat.  He looks forward to his treat morning and night.  No fooling around with his treat he LOVES them. 

After about a month he seems to have lost some weight and had a spring in his step.  He seemed to get some puppy back in him.  He was healthier all around.  I also noticed the tumor was not growing and seemed to be getting smaller.  A black tip formed at the end of the tumor.  Two weeks later it was noticeably smaller.  It was SHRINKING! The tumor was the size of my index finger nail and getting smaller   week by week.  This was a Miracle to us. 

By the time two months have passed Jimmy's Tumor is nearly disappeared.  Jimmy has never been better.  We are so please with the result we recommend this to anyone with a dog, with or without issues.  Jimmy had gone back in age not forward.  We are so grateful to NuVet and will keep giving him this tablet as a multi vitamin to keep him happy and healthy.  We are optimistic with his next Senior blood test coming up. We are looking forward to a clean bill of health for Jimmy D.

We are so confident and believe NuVet to help in many ways we have started our other Pug, Roxy, of 9 years on one table a day.  Roxy has seizures and is being treated with phenobarbital right now.  We won’t take her off the meds now but we intend on working with the vet to help wean her off in hope NuVet Plus will help her as much as it has helped Jimmy D. Thank you NuVet, we don't know what we would have done if we didn't find you. 
So very Greatful  :)
Donna Sullivan
New Hampshire




"Growth was receding"

3 months ago I was very concerned about a small, drip-like tumor that was growing on the left nare of my Scottie's nose area.    I wasn't sure what to do since that was a weak area on his body and he's had problems there for years.  Our vet gave some steroidal nose cream to apply, but indicated that it might be melanoma and could get worse. 

Given Jake's age of almost 13 years, I decided that if it was cancer, I would keep him as comfortable as possible, but would not put him through anything extraordinary.  I decided that I would, however, treat him nutritionally and homeopathically.  I found NuVet Plus on the web and saw their guarantee and remarkable testimonials regarding tumor success. 

I ordered a bottle, and started Jake on the wafers right away.  Within 2 weeks the strange drippy growth was receding.  2 months later, his nose looks like it did 5 years ago; he's much more energetic, and seems to be clear-eyed and happy.  He still has a long-term seborrhea problem that he's had since he was a puppy that I've been treating in a variety of ways for years.  NuVet Plus hasn't helped remarkably with that, but the tumor is gone and that was my priority with starting NuVet Plus.  I didn't even have to try homeopathy since the tumor issue resolved.  
Thank you.  I'm ordering my 2nd bottle today.

Jake's friend 
Rebecca Schaller


"Tumors had reduced in size"

Our family dog and companion for the last 14 years has had terrible fatty tumors for the last 4 years.  The one on her left side was as big as a football and she could not even lay on her left side.  The last time she tried to swim, the tumor on her side was so big it caused her to roll over in the water and she almost drowned! 

The vet said because of her age and that they would just come back there was nothing he could do.  I want "Poco's”  last years to be as enjoyable as possible.  I found your product online and thought I had nothing to lose and would try anything to help our poor "Poco”!

After 1 week the tumors had reduced in size and I am happy to say that after 90 days the football size one on her left side is almost gone and she can now for the first time in 4 years sleep on her left side.  Amazing! 

She also had cataracts that are gone and she no longer has trouble standing up and she even tries to run on occasion!  I thank you, my family thanks you, and our beloved dog “Poco” thanks you the most!

Greg Schaafsma


"Tremendous Results!"

On behalf of my family and Rocky, we would like to thank you for the NuVet Plus! The NuVet Plus wafers are showing tremendous results in Rocky's fatty tumors. He has more energy and his eyes have become clearer. 

With your advice Rocky was on four wafers a day for two weeks, then we moved him to two a day on the third week. He’s been on that does for one week now… we are now on his second bottle and couldn't be happier with the progress he has shown.

I just placed an order today for NuVet Joint for our other dog Duncan …who has been showing signs of pain and stiffness when walking and would like to get him on a healing track again…thank you for the wonderful suggestion.

Josh Dwyer
Montana, United States


"Lumps are all GONE!"

Sandy, our 3 year old Goldendoodle started to get a mysterious lump on her nose about a year ago. I took her to the vet who was clueless as to what the bump could be. All three vets in the practice didn't know what could have caused that bump. We tried antibiotics, anti-inflammatories (2 kinds), but nothing worked...

Another vet tried another anti-inflammatory that seemed to work a little. Over the last few months my dog developed a strange lump on her lip that slowly grew to about 1/4", and several lumps under her skin on her body. One lump was the size of a quarter on her side. The lump on her nose grew back, and was the size of a nickel and around 1/2" high.

Two weeks ago I googled "dog tumors" and NuVet popped up. After reading the glowing reviews I ordered it... We gave the supplements to Sandy now for a week exactly, (2 tablets a day) and I am here to tell you that the lumps are all GONE! After a WEEK!! I would have NEVER believed this! Thank you so much NUVET! Now, do y'all make this in human formula?

Harriet Duranthon

Update on Sandy:

Sandy is our now four-year old Goldendoodle who was riddled with tumors about a year ago. In desperation I tried NuVet and to our great delight all of her tumors disappeared within two weeks! After we used up our supply I didn't order anymore, because I thought her problem had been taken care of... well, just about six weeks ago I discovered another knot on her nose, this time about pea-sized and in a different place than before, which means to me that it was a brand new one. I quickly ordered four more jars (she will NEVER be off of NuVet now!) and gave our 60 pound dog two tablets per day. And, you guessed it, the tumor is now gone, which took less than two weeks again.

She will now be on a maintenance plan of one pill per day for the rest of her hopefully long life!! Thank you for your great product!!

"All good"

My dog Max is a 12 year old German Shepherd. She had issue after issue with getting ear infections. I had her at the Vet every month for about six months. The last time they noticed something blocking her ear canal and were going to try to remove it. They took an xray of the ear, they could not remove it because it was a big tumor, there was nothing they could do. Eventually it would grow bigger and affect her balance and possibly her brain.

I was desperate to make her better. I found your product on the internet and ordered it right away. After a couple weeks on NuVet, I started seeing black like gunk in her ear. I cleaned it out again and again every week for about 10 months. Eventually the gunk stopped.

Last week I took her back to the vet for her yearly check-up. The doctor looked in her ears and said "all good" I said what about her tumor? Don't you remember the xrays? He said, her ears are fine and what did you do? I told him about the NuVet and that he should sell it there for people that have animals with issues. He basically ignored me. I think it’s because most vets only care about the money and not always the well-being of the animal.

Thanks so much for NuVet. It is such an unbelievable product.

Debra Sheridan


"Shrunk to half the original size"

I just have to say that I believe NuVet has saved my Chihuahua.  Back in February I took my 9 year old Chihuahua Toby in to have his teeth cleaned, and asked the vet to take a look at his belly because it looked bloated. I received a call from her not long after I dropped him off saying that he had a huge mass, she said she had never seen one of that size in comparison to his size.  She did exploratory surgery and found the mass to be attached to his kidney and aorta and basically said there was nothing she could do for him.  I was told he may live for two weeks and that was pushing it.  I brought him home expecting the worse…

I ordered a bottle and started giving it to him and my other Chihuahua.

Not only is Toby still around today (9 months later), but he looks the best he has ever looked.  He no longer has eye stains, he has finally grown hair on his chest, which he has never had.

I went back to the vet to get his nails trimmed and she did an x-ray because she could not believe Toby was still around.  The mass has actually shrunk to half the original size.  He is now called the "Miracle Dog" at the vet’s office.

Thank you NuVet, I feel like you have given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for!!

Laura Lawson


"Cannot believe it"

We have a 13 year old Cairn Terrier.  She developed a tumor on the outside of her left eye.  We paid almost $2100.00 to have it removed in June.  Two months later, it returned.  It got to be the size of a large grape. 

I went on line and found this web site.  I read all the testimonies and decided to buy some of your product.  We received the product on Oct. 29th and started giving it to her immediately.  We gave it to her twice a day for about 10 days, and then only once a day.  What a miracle, today it is about the size of a pea and is shrinking. 

WE ARE SO HAPPY, YOU CANNOT BELIEVE IT.  She is a lot happier and more active than she has been in a long time.  Her skin is clearing up also and she almost runs around the house at times.  We will continue giving her the product for the rest of her life.

Donna Baker


"Tumors are starting to shrink"

Hello and the greatest THANKS...we have a Doberman that is 9 yrs old and has fatty tumors, dry nose, low energy....until a month on nuvet plus. Now his nose is back to normal! His tumors are starting to shrink (one was the size of a small football) His energy level is like a pup!!

I have seen him act like he is so full of life again!! Thanks from all of our hearts!!

Kelly Jackson


"Tumor free"

I wish to write and thank you for your wonderful product. I started using NuVet Plus last year in March looking for something to help my 12 year old Boxer/Lab Mix, Cassie. She had a huge tumor on her eyelid that covered half of her eyeball. The Vet wanted to do surgery on her eye but couldn’t guarantee that she would be able to close her eye after the surgery because it would remove a portion of the lid.

I came across NuVet Plus on the internet and read where it shrank tumors. I thought what the heck and I called your company and talked to a super lady named Kim and she got my order out right away. Every time I ordered I talked to her and she was so helpful and still is.

The tumor burst after a period of time and now as you can see in the one picture of her facing towards the camera it is all gone. It hasn’t shown any signs of returning. The Vet is even amazed by it. But to think I almost had them take it off and that would have been a tragedy when all it took was the NuVet and time. She is tumor free on her eye.

Thank you NuVet your product really does work.

Judy Weber


"Has changed her and my life"

I was nearly in tears the night I discovered your web site. My 11 year old dog Issabelle had lumps growing on her sides and belly. While my dog is worth more to me than anything I cannot spend the thousands of dollars I was reading about to deal with the problems I could see developing.

I read the articles and stumbled across your site and took a chance, and ordered the NuVet plus hoping what I read was true, and it was! I am ready to order my second bottle and my dog will take these pills for the rest of her life. She could not get into the car on her own two months ago and was not very active. I could tell even going out to go to the bathroom was a chore for her.  Within three weeks she was like a puppy again!  She is her old self again and I cannot be more thankful. And the lumps are shrinking. It has changed her and my life.

Thank you so much for giving me more time with my dog. I gladly tell everyone I know about your product. Again thank you.

Chris Williamson


"Disappeared before my eyes"

My name is Deborah W. from Sarasota Florida. I have 2 doggies 1 is a Lab/Terrier Mix her name is Abbie and she is 5 Years Old and my other 1 is a Jack Russell named Elvis and he is 4 years Old.

I started using your product of NuVet Canine formula my Little Jack Russell had a Palinoma Cancer tumor on his foot and I started the NuVet and it disappeared before my eyes and he also has Allergic skin problems and since I started him on the NuVet he is totally recovered your product is awesome just awesome.

My Lab/Terrier Mix Abbie has some Fatty Tumors on her sides and back and they are shrinking away. My 2 Doggies also have so much energy and that is because of the NuVet.

I do not know what I would have done without your Products? I just LOVE the NuVet and I still have both of my doggies on the NuVet and I always will have them on it for the rest of their lives!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AND ABBIE AND ELVIS SAY WOOF-WOOF AND THANKS TOO!!! XXXXXXXX00000000000000
Thanks so much
Deborah W.


"Reduced in size"

Our dogs Goldie, Jessie, Obie and Sadie – all 12 year old ‘seniors’ - are part Malamute and Pyrenees and therefore shed, A LOT.  They do not shed as much as they used to before I started giving them NuVet.  Their fur got shinier and thicker and looks healthier now.  In particular our cat Sissy’s fur was always matted, dull and oily.  It is now beautiful and shiny and does not mat like it used to.  In addition, Sissy doesn’t struggle with her recurring sinus allergies when she is on NuVet.

Goldie has very large cancerous tumor, we cannot afford to have it surgically removed but are trying to make him comfortable in this final time of his life.  Since he has been on NuVet, the tumor has reduced in size by half.  He walks on his own when he is on the supplement.

Jessie and Obie both have fatty tumors.  We can see an immediate difference within weeks after putting them on NuVet, the tumors shrink and disappear.

Our dog Sadie had a stroke which caused the whole right side of her body to shut down.  Afterwards, she couldn’t walk, we had to carry her.  She came out of it and I think the NuVet had something to do with that.  She is now back to normal.  Yay!!

Six thank yous from Goldie, Jessie, Obie, Sadie – the dogs, and Sissy and Sweetie – the cats.

Lisa Bryan


"A healthy, happy boy"

God bless each and every one of you who contributed to the development of NuVet Plus. 

My Lab/Huskie Smokey was recently diagnosed with a hard lump on his belly, which the vet believed could be cancerous and 6 fatty deposits on both of his sides.  The vet recommended immediate surgery and was prepared to take out a chunk (6 inch diameter) of Smokey's side, send the specimen for testing and hope within 2-3 weeks he would be up and around again. 

I declined surgery and immediately went on line to get as much information as I could about canine surgery.  What I found was information about NuVet Plus, ordered a supply and have been giving it to Smokey with his evening meal for 2 months now.  The hard lump on his belly is completely gone and 4 of the large fatty lumps are gone as well, with the remaining two, much smaller. 

Smokey is a new dog.  His arthritis is almost gone and he is hiking with me, chasing his ball and running after the horses.  He is a healthy, happy boy... Thank you.

Glen Childers

"Saved our friend."

Dear Friends, 

I have to write you all to tell you what a blessing your product is to me, my wife and to our little dog. Her name is Isabeau... At the time of her mother’s death Isabeau also started showing signs of lipomas, although small we immediately started treating her diet, and watching her fat intake. But to no avail, the tumors continued to persist. She has lived with the tumors for over two years. She had small fatty areas over her chest, hips, shoulders, and one large tumor on her right side the size of a small egg… 

Your product. NuVet Plus. Oh my! Saved our friend. I purchased a 90 day supply 2 months ago. Your staff recommended we give her two a day for the first 30 days then give her one a day after that. It seems impossible to believe, but two months later, WE CANNOT FIND ANY TUMORS on this dogs’ body. And she is ALIVE!!! She runs around like a young dog again, loves to play with daddy. Has such a delightful demeanor again, and this summer we were very afraid she was on her last days. She was lethargic, was having trouble breathing, was very tired, listless, and today she is a different dog. She’s back to being that vibrant puppy we fell in love with. My wife and I both are very happy with what we’ve seen. She’s due for her 6 month checkup in December and I know our vet will be amazed.

 How do we say thank you? We can’t. We know that we might lose her tomorrow, she’s 13-1/2 now, but NuVet Plus gave her back the life we thought she lost. We’re so happy to have found your product. We’ll order more this week, and continue to keep it for the rest of her life. You people are a blessing to us, I’m glad we found you.

Best regards,
James Baker


"I am amazed!"

This is Wilson my soon to be 1 year old German Shepard.  In June I noticed that he had a lump coming up on his left elbow and thought it may be a spider bite so I put salve on it and watched it.  It continued to grow and another one started to grow on his right elbow.  They were growing fast and I was worried.  We went to the vet and was told that they were tumors.  They could be surgically removed but they would probably grow back and be more aggressive. 

I started doing research online and came across NuVet.  I wanted to try something less drastic than surgery.  I am so thrilled with the results!  When I started Wilson on the NuVet wafers his left tumor was the size of a softball and his right tumor was the size of a baseball and now 80 days later his right tumor is the size of a walnut and the larger left tumor is about the size of a small tangerine! 

I am amazed!  I can't wait to see the results 90 days from now!  I will recommend this product to everyone.  Thank you for giving me peace of mind for my Wilson.

Jackie Cotton


"Almost completely dissolved!!!"

My name is Lisa and I want to start by saying thank you Jesus for leading me to this product, and thank you Nuvet for making a product like this available. I have a 9 year old Boxer that I adopted 8 years ago. She has always been in good health and one day I noticed a growth on her ear that continued to get bigger.

Afraid of what the vet would say I decided to research online and came across Nuvet. I decided to pray and try this first, not very optimistic and desperate. So we began our treatment one in the morning and one and night... and I’m happy to say 6 weeks later this thing has almost completely dissolved!!! Her hair is starting to grow back, and it’s gone!!!
Thank you Nuvet!!!!!

Lisa Steele and Brandi


"A totally different dog"

I have to tell you how truly grateful we are for your WONDERFUL product. Our 3 1/2 year old little rescue dog Lacey is a new dog. One day I found a lumps on her and that scared me. I have had a precious dog die from mammary cancer… So when I found this on my new little dog I was totally in tears. I did some research and after just a few days the lump started to grow and felt like a bunch all connected. I just couldn't put her through what my precious Misty had been through...

That's when I found your product. I couldn't believe it but after her lumps growing every day more and more after only 4 days (I know that sounds unbelievable) the lumps were harder to find...I can happily say that after 10 days they were GONE!!! That was over 6 months ago and they have shown no sign of returning...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!  I can't ever thank you enough.. just a side blessing her skin and hair is more silky and full.  She looks like a totally different dog...

Betsy Stevwing
North Carolina


"Sure enough, itís getting smaller"

My 9 yr old boxer (Coco) started getting tumors when she turned 8. A large one popped up on the top of her head and now another one on her elbow.  The one on top of her head just grew almost overnight and looked like a marble glued on top of her head!! Her hair just spread apart and up it came!

I started giving both Coco and her daughter, Cricket (7yr) NuVet Plus about 50 days ago and now the tumor on her head is actually starting to shrink! I would have never believed it but sure enough, it’s getting smaller and wrinkly and her hair is getting a cowlick trying to grow over it now! Lol. Coco and her daughter look so much alike we could only tell which was which by looking for the tumor but now, I have to REALLY look closely to see which of my babies I’m talking too!!

I'll always keep my girls on this supplement and recommend it to anyone!! Thanks NuVet!!!!

Laura McLaughlin


"Diminished considerably"

My Sasha has been receiving Nu-Vet for approx 3 weeks.  I first discovered this product while browsing online for a product which would help her with a large tumor in her throat.  The tumor, although still present, has diminished considerably, and I am hoping that continued use of NuVet will provide even more positive results.  She absolutely LOVES the taste. 

Since she is thirteen years old, I am not expecting any "miracles", but if I can supplement her diet with a product such as this which will offer her some "quality of life" for her remaining time, then it has been more than a worthwhile investment for the both of us.

Linda Scott


"No recurring tumors!"

Another success story! We have two soft-coated wheaten terriers, Maddie (14 y/o) and Clancy (8 y/o), mom and son!  Both have been on NuVet since March of this year. Both have been extremely healthy and, of course, they are our kids!  In the past year, however, Maddie has had several operations involving cancerous tumors.  The last operation was awful as she had a large lump removed from her hip and her recovery was obviously very painful.  We decided that we could not put her through that kind of trauma again and started looking for alternatives and that is when I discovered NuVet.  

Since Maddie has been taking NuvetPlus, her eyes are brighter, there is a spring in her step and (fingers crossed) no recurring tumors! Her coat seems thicker and softer as well.  As a health enhancer, Clancy too is benefitting from the product and we hope he lives to a ripe old age, tumor free! We have recommended your product to our 'dog friends' and their 'kids' are also seeing the benefits.
Geoff, Bernadette, Clancy and Maddie
Washington, U.S.A

"Tumor is 99% gone"

About 2 1/2 yrs ago, my then 2 yr old American Pit Bull Terrier had developed a tumor, the size of a large pea on the outside of his front paw. It grew rapidly but stopped and remained that size for a couple of months. It never seemed to bother him but the vet advised that it was to be removed as soon as possible and had to be biopsied. Luckily it was benign, however, his recovery took 2.5 months.

His wound was unable to heal because of where the tumor was located, there was insufficient skin to be stitched together so the inside of the wound had been left open. I didn't want to see him suffer again when I sadly discovered 4 weeks ago another tumor growing on his back paw. I researched as much as possible, hoping to find an alternative, when I came across NuVet.

I immediately placed an order and 7 days after the onset of the tumor, I began Kikoda on 1 wafer a day for the first week, then 2 a day thereafter. It is now exactly 25 days later and the tumor is 99% gone. I have included pictures of his progression. I cannot say enough how grateful I am as well as in awe. Thank you NuVet Plus for helping and healing my best friend.

Tara Brousseau


"Disappeared as quickly as it came"

Dear NuVet,

You were honestly and most sincerely the answer to my prayers! We have had an excruciatingly painful year Losing Poki our beloved Bull Terrier to heart failure at the exact time Chloe'  was recovering from TPLO surgery. So when Chloe' had two mast cell ear tumors aspirated and we were told that they were full of life threatening histamines, that I could lose her and if they got any larger she would be subject to losing her ear. I could not schedule the surgery fast enough.

Chloe is very sensitive to anesthesia, requires human baby grade and still has to be prepped for special circumstances with vitamins and probiotics. These small ear tumors had me wondering if they had never aspirated, would she be going through all this?...But I couldn't think like that, I was told if the histamines leaked they could attack her organs and so she was put on a very high dose of Benadryl and scheduled for surgery. $1000.00 later I had my baby girl back safe and sound.

Two weeks later another appeared right by her eye. And in a weeks time had doubled in size. I panicked...All I could think of was having her face cut into between her eyes! Ruining her beautiful face and putting her through all that.

I knew there had to be something on-line so I Googled "tumors in dogs" and Nuvet came up first. I read all the reviews and called their number, a person answered Not a machine!  They were friendly and informative, but above all confident in their product. 

I ordered the bottle and it arrived 2 days later, I started Chloe on a very aggressive dose of three per day. I am happy to announce to anyone we meet that Nuvet took a pencil eraser size tumor away in two weeks! The once tumor site is smaller than a pin prick and looks to blend in with her freckles! I just want to say thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  We use Nuvet as maintenance and it is also working on a fatty tumor on Chloe's side. We have bragged to every family member and anyone we meet. To date 3 in our family have also joined the Nuvet family.

Because the tumor grew so quickly and disappeared as quickly as it came with Nuvet, I only have an after shot, if you look very close at the left eye, just to the right is a tiny pin prick of black that is the tumor today!...Thank you again you were the answer to our prayers!

Lisa Stiles-Holmes


"Seeing is definitely believing!!"

At basically one month of giving my beloved mixed breed therapy dog Beck NuVet Plus, his skin where I've felt lumps and bumps of superficial tumors (diagnosed by our vet as not serious currently) in the past now feels TUMOR-FREE. I am so blown away...I really didn't expect it to work to the degree that is has, but I know this dog inside and out, and I know all the little bumps I would feel in various spots along his body. They are gone.

And for what it’s worth...Beck has always been an extremely finicky dog when it comes to eating-he gets cooked ground beef and other meats with his kibble just to make sure he eats regularly. Sometimes he'll skip meals because he doesn't want to eat and due to this, he'll vomit yellow stomach acid. He's done this since he was a puppy.

Since he's been on NuVet Plus, he's only done this vomiting ONE time and that was earlier when he first started it. I seriously think the supplement helps his digestion and has soothed his tummy. He's still finicky about what he eats, but the vomiting has pretty much stopped.

Believe me, seeing this supplement help these problems for a dog that means so much to our family is truly AMAZING to us-trying and seeing is definitely believing!!  For that, I cannot thank you all enough-Beck means the absolute WORLD to me and to help him be healthier so that he can be more comfortable and live longer with us is definitely worth the small price paid for this supplement!

I'm attaching a picture of our beloved Beck sitting towards the top steps of the house we rented while staying on vacation in St. George Island, Florida for you to see our beloved baby of our family.

Kathi Jo Zornes


"No more sprawling growths"

Hojy's pills arrived recently and that reminded me that I owe you a follow-up Email.  If you'll recall, I phoned you in late 2011 after we had had such a horrible time with allergies, vet visits, steroid shots and sprawling growths with our Hojy. 

Well, during 2012, since she's been on your pills, she has had no vet visits related to allergies, NO steroid shots and no more sprawling growths.  What a Blessing that has been…
And I did want to mention that Hojy will be 12 later this year and is as spry and frisky as a puppy, and still hikes about 5-miles or more on her twice-a-day walks with her two much larger buddies.  Thanks for listening, and thanks for your product.  

Bill Hudec

"Blown away with the results"

Our 10-year-old pit bull Brutus had a mast cell tumor removed several years ago. Although the lump was small it required an 8" incision and the removal of a large area of tissue; all in all a traumatic and painful experience for him.

When three additional lumps formed, we wanted to avoid surgery for his sake. My husband did some research and came across NuVet Plus online. I was extremely skeptical but figured at very least it would provide some extra vitamins and minerals. It couldn't hurt, right?

Nearly immediately, we noticed a marked increase in Brutus' energy. Honestly, it would have been worth the money just for that improvement. Imagine my shock when after 90 days of taking NuVet daily, all three lumps had disappeared. We are blown away with the results and only wish we had found your product sooner. Thank you so much for helping to keep our boy happy and healthy!

Marianne Clark


"An Amazing Recovery!"

I started my 10 year old Doberman, Harley, on this product at 4 wafers a day to try and prevent a second surgical removal of a quickly growing and potentially cancer skin tumor. I had previously spent over $800 having one removed at the vet just 3 months before this one presented - bleeding and growing bigger each week. Within the first 5 days on NuVet Plus the tumor stopped bleeding. Within 2 weeks it had stopped growing and proceeded to shrink over the next 4 weeks. After less than 3 months on this product the skin tumor has completely disappeared.

I will keep him on this product for the duration of his life. We have recently rescued a Doberman puppy who will also be a regular on this product. What was a last ditch effort that I was going to skeptically try for my dog turned into an amazing recovery that I am still positively stunned by.

Tara M. and Harley
British Columbia, Canada

"Vet and I were amazed"

My 13 year old Schnauzer had a tumor the size of a tennis ball on his belly. The vet said the only way to treat it was to remove it surgically.  I did not want that expense or put him through that with his health issues.  He has had cancer for 3 years and this is the third time he had a tumor.

When I saw the ad for the NuVet wafers I was skeptical, but thought I would give them a try since there is a money back guarantee. After two months on the wafer, the tumor fell off!  The vet and I were amazed that this product could do that.  There is still a smaller tumor on his belly that is shrinking and is almost ready to fall off too.

I absolutely recommend this product.  My dog was close to death and now has more energy than he had in months.

Linda Copp


"Lo and behold it worked"

Just want to say "Thank You" so much for your wonderful product.  I am one of those people that is never leery of trying things because I trust that it will work until I see different. 

Lo and behold it worked.  My Ben all of a sudden got a big red bump under his neck much to my surprise and I had no idea what it was. Before taking him to the vet I got on the internet quickly to see what Natural treatment was available before I went to get a surgery or x-ray and that's when I found you.  And of course extremely glad I did.

I did try something to stop it before your product arrived but I'm glad to report that it is 100 times better and almost gone.  Without a doubt I am sure that it will continue to shrink as I give him your Nu Vet treatment every day.  I now give all my three dogs those tablets and I'm sure they will be all the better for it.  


Ben Rossana
North Carolina