NuVet Labs Reviews & Testimonials - Cancer


I just wanted to let you know. My Akita mix has spinal cancer...and he's been deteriorating pretty quickly.... Well I decided what the hell he's 80 lbs so I upped him from 1 NuVet to 1 1/2 daily (tried 2 but it gave him diarrhea) and he actually seems to be improving!! He's been a bit more active, we were even able to cut down his steroids and pain killers... I really don't know for sure that it's the NuVet but it’s the only thing that makes any sense at all.

It's been about a week since I upped it. I started him on it for chronic scratching which completely disappeared within a month. My boxer, Kayla, is also on it for preventive reasons and it also keeps the "red chin" away. Just wanted to say thanks to you and all the people at NuVet for such a wonderful product. Who knows thanks to NuVet Dakota might have a few extra months that he wouldn't have had :)

Rachel De Luca
New Jersey


"Begin to shrink away"

3 years ago our vet removed a bleeding tumor off of our Miss Piggy's abdomen.  The test result was Hemangiosarcoma with clear margins. We were told her future was uncertain, but usually major blood organs were involved with this type of cancer and the prognosis was guarded. 

Numerous other tumors began appearing all over her body.  Our groomer suggested we try the Canine vitamins.  The tumors continue to appear but after about 4-6 weeks of growth, they begin to shrink away.  We continue to enjoy and laugh at our dog's antics as we are blessed with her good health this past 3 years and hope that we will have several more cancer-free years with her.  Thank you for the production of this wonderful product.

Ginni & Dan Kruger


"Reducing tumors"

When my 10 year old yellow female Labrador developed two large lumps, a hard one on her back and a soft hanging lump on her leg, my vet insisted on removal and testing for cancer. The tests came back positive for Mast Cell Tumors, Grade II, on both sides from Phoenix Central Laboratory. I immediately put her on raw diet and added one wafer of the NuVet Plus to her diet. The remainder of the lumps went away and she appeared normal. At that time I put her back on dry kibble food. 

About two months later, I noticed she had 13 similar lumps all over her body. I put her back on raw food and one wafer. The lumps continued. The one lump on the same part of her back became as large as a golf ball. In desperation, I put her on three wafers daily with her raw food. All the lumps eventually disappeared except for the lump on her back which shrunk to the size of a pencil eraser.

When my 14 year old black male Labrador developed lumps on his rear and elsewhere, I put him on raw food and wafers also. Every time the cancer lumps are almost gone, I cut back on the wafers. Every time I cut back on the wafers, the lumps return with a vengeance. We are not able to completely eliminate the lumps with the raw food and wafers, but we are able to eliminate all but one or two, which became very small.

I am convinced that NuVet Plus wafers are a positive force in reducing tumors in my labs, even if I cannot eliminate them altogether. It has been about 18 months now, and so far, I can keep the tumors from spreading. Thank you NuVet Labs.

Robert J. Morris Jr.


"Running, jumping, and barking"

I just had to write, to let you know how GREAT NuVet Plus is!
My husband had gotten a few samples for one of our “babies” who has arthritis. As I was reading through the leaflet, I noticed it mentioned cancer and red blood cells. My oldest dog, Sammy, has a red blood disease, and had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She was only given until June to live. We’re now at the end of July and not only is she still alive, but she’s RUNNING, JUMPING, AND BARKING HER HEAD OFF!
I can’t get over your product! I gave some to my mailman, and now he too is a regular customer. I shared it with my neighbor and she says her dog’s eyes cleared up and is also able to run around (with arthritis).
I just had to thank you so much for saving my baby! I’m one of those crazy people that have birthday parties for my dogs! My husband and I love our dogs! Again, thank you so much.

Kerry Callahan
New York 


"Love the results"

I just wanted to thank you for making such incredible vitamins! 

I have a 10 year old boxer who is a 3 time cancer survivor.  I have been feeding him your NuVet plus vitamins for about 6 months now and I love the results that I see.  His coat is shinier and super soft.  His appetite went from being barely there to constantly annoying me for more food.  His energy level has increased and he is able to go to daycare now and play with the young pups! 

We have gone six months now without any new tumors popping up and we hope that this trend continues.  My only regret is that I just discovered your vitamins, maybe some of the cancer could have been prevented.  I have tried many, many products and have seen little to no results.  I feed an excellent diet consisting of raw and a superior kibble made in Canada.  I truly believe a high quality diet and your vitamins can help our canine friends live a much longer and healthier life. 

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Debbie Holbert


"Personality came back"

I had written to you awhile ago about our Golden, Duffy.  Duffy was diagnosed with cutaneous lymphoma-not a good diagnosis since it is rare in Goldens and always fatal.  At the time I wrote and spoke with you, you suggested continuing Duffy on NuVet Plus and "upping" the dose to 2x/day rather than once. 

I must say that even though we know the prognosis is not good, Duffy seems to be holding his own.  Along with steroid creams and sprays (!) and the oral Prednisone, he is doing as well as can be expected.  I had mentioned to the Vet that we had him on NuVet Plus.  She stated that she wasn't familiar with it, but we could continue.  

Duffy may not be as outwardly beautiful as he was a year ago (loss of his gorgeous "show coat"), but he is still beautiful to us and is the same lovable dog he has always been.  Granted, he is not as lively as he once was- he is 13- and his back legs have been affected -- he hops up steps.  We feel that the NuVet Plus has been a real blessing to Duffy.  Once we restarted the NuVet, his "personality" came back.  His "bodily functions" are intact and working well, he still has a great appetite, although some mouth sores related to his illness won't allow him to chew hard food anymore, and with the addition of a couple of new sweaters, he is comfy and cozy ! 

I would like to personally thank you for suggesting the twice a day dosage, for it has really helped.  In fact, when I come down to breakfast, Duffy walks me over to the spot where the bottle is and waits for his morning dose!    Same behavior in the evening!!  I guess that says something, huh?!
Once again, thank you for your help.  I credit the NuVet with keeping Duffy around to love for awhile longer than we expected.
Carol MacMath and Duffy


"Diagnosed with brain cancer"

My best friend of 12 years was diagnosed with brain cancer in November. My heart was crushed. When we brought him home from the vet he started losing mobility in his hindquarters and would barely eat.

Out of desperation I researched dog cancer info and found NuVet. Thank God!  After a couple days on your product my dog started walking again and his appetite picked back up to normal with a week. He has begun to bark with our other dogs again and even feels the need to guard the yard. He no longer seems to be in any pain and even played in the snow.

Thank you so much for giving us a way to help him. We will keep our dogs on your product and are ordering NuVet for our cat too.



"Six months since the diagnosis"

My three year old black lab Brewer was diagnosed with bone cancer in February of 2010.  He had developed a limp and was favoring his left front shoulder.  The first vet I took him took told me he had a separated shoulder but when it didn't get any better I took him to another office for a second opinion.  That vet recognized what was going on.  After scanning him and doing a biopsy she confirmed my worst fears--my hunting buddy was dying.
Of course I was brokenhearted.  Brewer was young and 92 lbs of solid muscle.  He loved to hunt and go for rides in the truck and boat.  It was hard to believe he would soon be gone.  The vet told me he had 4-6 weeks to live.  I immediately began reading up on bone cancer in dogs and trying to find something to help him.  That's how I came across Nuvet. 
I was definitely skeptical, but I was willing to try about anything to help Brewer.  I ordered a 60 ct bottle of supplements.  As I write this it is August 5, 2010.  It has been nearly six months since the diagnosis.  Again, he was given 4-6 weeks.  I really believe Nuvet supplements are helping Brewer fight off the cancer in his body.  He is still a pretty happy dog.  He still likes to go for rides and come on the boat with me.  If he makes it another month I will be able to take him goose hunting which is something I never thought would happen again.  I know Brewer won't live forever, but I believe Nuvet has given me so much extra time with my dog.  I am thankful for your product and will continue to order supplements.  The other thing is that Brewer really likes to eat them--I doubled his dose due to the severity of his condition and he seems to look forward to the times he gets them. 

Thanks again for a great product.  Feel free to share this with others.
Jeff Small


"Glad and very thankful"

Rocky is almost 11 years old, and has been diagnosed with lymphosarcoma in March of this year , we had noticed lumps in his throat but other than that he has always been healthy. He never has acted sick. The vet immediately put him on steroids (chemo would have probably killed him!) and at first the lumps went away, but he would still cough and hacking when he exerted himself. In May we took him back to the vet and she was amazed that he was still alive.

My daughter searched online and came across your website and we decided to give your product a try. We started by giving him 2 wafers a day along with his steroids-after two weeks I stopped the steroids because the lumps were still popping up and he seemed tired. After a month of being off the steroids and only take 1 wafer a day, I am glad and very thankful to say that Rocky is doing very well, and still likes to play. His coat is shiny and his eyes are bright.

I intend to tell my vet about NuVet Plus and would recommend to anyone who has a pet with cancer and wanted an alternative to harsh drugs.

John McDonald


"Helping him fight this battle"

Midas is a wonderful dog. He is a people’s dog and a dog’s dog. He loves playing with sticks and he loves shiny gold items. Thus his namesake. All he loves to do is play. We adopted Midas almost 4 years ago. He has helped our hearts to heal and now it is our turn to help him heal.

When Midas got these egg shape swellings in his neck and side and his coat went bad looking, and he was itching all over. The doc said he has lymphoma and that is when I ordered the NuVet after research and decided to give it a try.

His coat is good his stamina is good he is still playing and eating drinking and happy I gave him pregnasone, but will not be doing the chemo and radiation. The NuVet and diet is helping him fight this battle. His brother Parmi loves him dearly and although they are both adoptees they are like brothers. Please keep Midas in your thoughts. He has red hair and freckled legs. The joy he brings everyone who comes in contact with is a beautiful thing.

Annamarie & Daryl Harris


"A new animal"

I received my first 90 day supply after desperately trying to find an alternative to yet another surgery for our 14 year old pit-bullterrier Bishop. He has already undergone so many and the mast cell tumors just keep coming back. After 3 days of giving him 3 NuVet tablets a day, he is a new animal.

There was an exposed mast cell tumor that had broken the skin that disappeared within the 3 days, his other that was an obvious lump on his surgical scar from a previous removal, is shrinking.

He has energy that he has not shown in quite sometime, the stains from his tears are almost gone and it has now been just over two weeks of supplementing.
I can't say enough about NuVet tablets...

Laurie Migneault
New Hampshire


"Still my happy little companion"

In March, 2010 Cuddles had an operation for a tumor on her right hind leg ... the diagnosis was that she had cancer and my choices were to have her leg amputated or have her undergo radiation and chemo pills for the rest of her life.  Since she weighs only 4 pounds, the entire tumor could not be extracted.  A visit to a veterinary oncologist gave an equally grim report, giving Cuddles 6 months to live... which meant that October, 2010 was her predicted date of demise.  I decided to put Cuddles' fate in G*d's hands and to research Cancer Cures for Canines.

Cuddles had been taking 1/2 tablet of NuVet and NuVet Plus every day since 2009.  I called the representatives at NuVet to ask for their opinion and advice.  They suggested I give Cuddles a whole tablet of NuVet and NuVet Plus every day.. and NOT give her any processed dog food ...Since I was on a special diet for Lupus,  I decided that Cuddles would eat what I made for myself, portioning the amount of food for her 4 pound frame.  She consumed whole grains, vegetables, fruits (eliminated those that are hazardous for canines) and a small amount of chicken, fish and dairy products.

Thanks to the Grace of G*d and NuVet, Cuddles is still my happy little companion.  Her predicted date of demise was 12 months ago.  This picture was taken in October, 2011 and she certainly does NOT look ready to leave me.  In fact, on our last visit to the vet, I was told that the tumor had diminished in size. 

Thanks NuVet!

Lynn MacGregor


"Not the same dog at all!"

I truly am grateful for the NuVet. Rocky was diagnosed with a liposarcoma back in May. It was large and in the roof of his mouth. Not a good place to be, being so close to his eye and brain. After surgery to de-bulk the tumor, it was sent in to the pathology lab and reported that the margins were "unclean"... Seems like so many things were working against the little guy.

With lots of prayer and a good supplement, like Nuvet, he is not the same dog at all! He has so much energy and is his old jumpy and playful self. The last check up we had the vet looked at the area, and said it had shrunk! She said if she didn't know that she had removed such a large mass, she would think there was nothing wrong with this little guy.

If it wasn't for NuVet, Prayer and my consultant, I am not sure where, or what state, little Rocky would be right now. They are truly a God-send.

Thanks for everything!
Nichole Brown


"Shrunk to the size of my little fingernail!"

My almost-16-year-old, $10,000 dog, Splash, had a squamous cell tumor on her gums above one of her canines about two and half years ago.  She went through three weeks of radiation.  The tumor was gone!  Then last year she developed another cancerous tumor on the outside of her lip.  The vet said he could remove it but it would grow back AND the surgery might put her over the "old age" hump.  She still was active and filled with "puppy" so we didn't want to chance the surgery.  Our vet said the tumor was slow-growing.  We still had a number of months left before it would be oozing and infected.

About a year later the infection and oozing began as the tumor started to grow exponentially.  The smell was horrific, so the vet gave her antibiotics.  I was away from home for five days, and -- I swear -- the tumor grew from nickel-sized to quarter-sized!  I was so sad! 

That's when I found your website.  A friend told us to start Splash on organic flax oil.  We did. . . and a week later we added one NuVet Plus per day.  (Splash weighs about 30 pounds).  Her tumor has shrunk to the size of my little fingernail!  The tissue appears healthier.  My little Splash-dog is still going strong and will be 16 years old in less than a month! 

Thank you SO much.

Lori Sackman


"Cancer spot"

Thank you so much! 

I have a 12-year old Black Lab/ Husky/ Akita mix, that has been very healthy and happy, but developed a cancer spot on the inside of a front leg, which has been worsening for over six months, and all she has been doing is laying there and licking.  She's a happy dog, but it was driving her crazy.  I didn't want to put a 12-year old dog through the torture of vet procedures for the rest of her life...

After researching alternatives, I found your product...I gave her 2 pills a day for the first few weeks, and one per day after that.  After a week or two, I could definitely tell it was improving.  One month later, it is completely healed, new skin, and not sore to the touch at all. 

It will take a while for her hair to come back in white.  (the red/brown is from her licking constantly and getting it bloody).  She no longer licks obsessively, and I can tell she feels much better.  She wants to play constantly!  My TWELVE year old dog!  Thank you so much. 

Best Regards,

Kandra P.
New York


"Clean bill of health"

My black lab, Rogue, was diagnosed with cancer last September after an emergency exploratory operation and the following lab work.  I had adopted her and her brother from a shelter less than a year earlier when they were 9 years old.  She is a wonderful dog and I do not want to lose her!
Her oncologist offered us pills in hopes that we could poison her body with chemo in order to put the cancer into remission.  He felt that regardless of what we do, she would be dead within a few months because the type of cancer she has is so aggressive. Dogs have a much stronger immune system than humans, so I decided to try a more holistic method.  We now cook fresh, human grade foods (none of the awful preservatives found in off the shelf dog food) for her, we have used some acupuncture on her, and have her on supplements (including the NuVet) to help to keep her healthy. 

As of her July ultrasound and X-ray, her oncologist has given her an on-going clean bill of health, and calls her the miracle dog.  No one would look at her and not believe that she is in top health, she did not go thru pain or any quality of life issues as I feel she would have with more traditional medicines.
I have been so impressed with her results that I am now putting her brother on NuVet.  He has a couple of fatty tumors and was exposed to the same environmental factors that she has been, and I want to keep him healthy as well.
Best Regards,

Tammy Fox


"Given us hope"

Our family wants the world to know that NuVet wafers have changed our lives. We are a pet rescue family. Some 5 years ago we rescued a female Sharpei, she had been so abused we were not sure if she would make it. She was about 2 yrs old we named her Mama Leigha, this name means (mother love) we had some very close calls w/ Mama.

Just this last year 2011 our precious Mama Leigha developed Mass Tumors that our family Vet said were malignant. After 3 major surgeries we were told that it would not be a good idea to put our baby through any more. Mama Leigha developed a new mass under her right front leg the pain was horrific it was growing at a fast pace and our vet was scared for Mama Leigha. There were meds to treat this but they were extremely expensive w/ no guarantees.

After intense research I found NuVet Plus, so I ordered the wafers, the 1st week the new mass was almost gone, 2nd week it had disappeared our Vet was amazed! Our Vet said what did you do I showed her the bottle of wafers all she said was keep her informed. When she checked Mama this year she said the mass is gone. From our family to yours THANK YOU you have given us hope.

Mrs. Linda Rogers and Mama Leigha


"Looking so healthy!!!"

My 9 yr old dog Brando had a tumor on his right ribcage area, in November 2011 I took him to the vet, they performed a biopsy,&  was diagnosed with a hemangiopericytoma malignant fibrous histiocytoma, both locally invasive, they told me that aggressive surgery was the only mainstay of management.

I was hesitant to have another surgery or chemo, & I found NUVET labs!!!! His tumor never came back, I started him on one tablet a day, then decided to give him 2 a day, well...Brando is cancer free...& looking so healthy!!!  4 months later!!

Thank you NuVet Labs!!! I told everyone about you!!!

Maria Minelli


"Spring in her step"

Good morning,

Another success story......we have two soft-coated wheaten terriers, Maddie (14 y/o in October) and Clancy (8 y/o in December) and son!  Both have been on NuVet since March of this year.

Both have been extremely healthy and, of course, they are our kids!  In the past year, however, Maddie has had several operations involving cancerous tumors.  The last operation was awful as she had a large lump removed from her hip and her recovery was obviously very painful.  We decided that we could not put her through that kind of trauma again and started looking for alternatives and that is when I discovered NuVet.  

Since Maddie has been taking NuVet Plus, her eyes are brighter, there is a spring in her step and (fingers crossed) no recurring tumors! Her coat seems thicker and softer as well.  As a health enhancer, Clancy too is benefitting from the product and we hope he lives to a ripe old age...... tumor free!

 We have recommended your product to our 'dog friends' and their 'kids' are also seeing the benefits.

Geoff, Bernadette, Clancy and Maddie


"Today is cancer free"

In March 2014 our Samoyed, Willie, was diagnosed with squamous cell nasal cancer.  We elected only debulking surgery and he was given a very poor prognosis.

I researched your product and after his final surgery seen in the first two photos I started him on a daily regime of 4 tabs and a high protein diet. Willie is 13.5 years old and today is cancer free and has been for 5 months.  My vet says he is obviously a Miracle.  Please note the most current photos taken last night.  

Our many thanks for your product. His grateful mom and dad...

Jim and Colleen FitzGerald


"Full of energy and very happy"

Sarabi my precious cat was born with a cleft pallet (slit in the back of her throat). She wasn't able to nurse, so I had to tube feed her til she was able to eat solid foods. She continued to sneeze whenever she ate.

At 3 years of age in September of 2015 Sarabi and was diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer of the immune system) Her symptoms were: Throwing up many piles of blood / Lethargic / losing weight / dehydrated / no energy. The ultra-sound and blood test revealed High calcium and blood sugar / low white blood cells / Very large spleen / thickening of the stomach / tons of lymphocytes / 
They said she had about 4 weeks to live and suggested Chemo. I said absolutely NOT to Chemo and I took her home. I researched the BEST nutrition and vitamins I could find to build up her immune system so her body could heal itself. I found Nu-Vet that came highly recommended from a friend of mine. I am giving Sarabi a raw diet and giving her one scoop of Nu-Vet every day. I did a lot of research on feline vitamins and Nu-Vet has all of the vitamins cats and dogs need in just one serving.
It is now February 2016, going on 6 months, and Sarabi is full of energy and very happy.  She looks forward to meal time and has gained all her weigh back. Sarabi is showing no signs of the disease and her coat is glistening. Oh Happy Day!!! Thank-you Nu-vet  and most of all I thank all who prayed for my precious Sarabi.
Because of this, I have now started my own Holistic Counseling service for pets and humans. With the right nutrition, we can attack any disease. 
DeAnna Lee